Chapter Twelve

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Nate's POV

I was in the middle of a meeting when I felt a pang in my chest, almost immediately I knew the only cause of this pain would be something dealing with Alana. I dismissed the meeting and used my wolf senses to guide me to her.

When I reached her I saw a man with his hand gripping Alana's neck, he was threatening her. My blood was boiling.

"Leave her alone now." I shouted, the man let go of her, and backed away. I saw Alana smile when she realized that I was there. At least she's happy to see me.

I approached the man and repeatedly punched him in the face, he was so weak I wouldn't have hit him if he didn't try to hurt Alana.

Blood was everywhere I finally stepped away from him and ran to Alana. She had mascara running down her face but she still looked beautiful.

"Are you okay."

I wiping her tears, she nodded her head and hugged me. She's actually hugging me. The way her skinny arms wrapped around my waist told me that she was still scared, what happened? Why is she drunk? I'll get my answers later, right now I have to get her home.

I picked her up bridal style and walked to my car.

"Thank you Nate."

She was still crying.

"Shhh it's no problem."

I put her in the passenger seat and drove in the direction of her house.

"Nate I don't want to go home."

"Why not?"

She turned her head and I noticed that she started to cry.

"Why are you drunk Alana?"

"Because my boyfriends a dick and I'm an idiot."

"What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"What the fuck Alana, I need to know."

She turned and faced me.

"Fine you really wanna' know that bad? Well here ya go, when you left all I could think about was how to make up with Drew so I got the idea of going on a little picnic. I made all the food, got dressed, and waited but he was late so I decided to go to the company and surprise him, but when I got there I saw him...I saw him fucking some slut!"

Wow I knew Drew was an idiot but I didn't think he was dumb enough to lose Alana.

"You're not the idiot, Drew is."

After that we stayed silent.

Alana broke the silence when she said "I just want to go home and get my stuff."

"Where are you going to stay tonight?" She shook her head "I'll find a hotel."

Like hell she will.

"You'll stay at my house." I ordered.

"Nate you've done enough, I'll be fine." I pulled up in her drive way and parked my car, when she saw Drew's car she let out a frustrated breath.

"Um can you come down with me?" I listened right away, and we were greeted at the door by the idiot himself.

When he saw me he looked at Alana and said "I can see you didn't waste anytime finding someone else."

"Seriously Drew you're still accusing me of cheating after what just happened?"

"Alana I'm sorry it was a mistake." She laughed in his face.

"Yeah it was a huge mistake." I stayed with Alana just incase that prick tried something on her. She packed up her bags and I was happy to see it happening but I just wish she wasn't so sad.

Drew came in the room.

"There has to be something going on between the two of you."

Alana stood up and I thought she was going to hit him but instead she pulled me down by my shirt and put her soft lips on mine, our lips fit together perfectly, and I enjoyed every second of it, when she pulled away she looked at Drew.

"Maybe there is maybe there isn't, you'll never know."

"Alana you can't do this, I know you love me and you know I love you."

"You see Drew that's the problem you don't love me and I.. I don't love you." Hearing her say that after the kiss we just shared made me feel like I was in heaven.

When she said she was done I picked up her bags and took them to my car, on my way out I saw her take a necklace from her neck and throw it at Drew, he tried to tell her something but she stuck her hand in his face and said "that's it Drew its over." She slammed the door and got in the car.

She was crying the whole ride to my house, when she stopped I realized that she fell asleep. When we pulled up to my house I picked her up and took her to my room. I laid her down in bed and went back to the car to bring in her things.

I sat in a chair next to the bed and watched her. I wish I would have hit Drew for making her sad, but I'm proud of her, she's such a strong person, she'll make a great luna once she finds out the truth. As soon as she's ready I'm going to tell her everything, I just hope she excepts me.

Alana's POV

I woke and shoved my head deeper into the pillow suddenly everything from yesterday flashed in my mind. Nate was there for me, and he brought me back to his house, but where is he?

When I lifted my head I saw him sleeping on a chair, this must be his bed.

I've only known him for a couple weeks but I feel so safe around him, he's always there when I need him. I wonder how he knew where I was yesterday, I'll ask him about that later.

I tried to get out of bed without making noise because Nate was still asleep but as soon as I stood up I hit a lamp, and he jumped up, wow this is embarrassing.

"I'm sorry I tried not to wake you but I didn-" he cut me off by saying "don't worry about it I needed to get up anyways, but how are you feeling today?"

"I'm better, I just want to thank you for everything if you weren't by my side I'd probably be wondering the streets right now."

He walked closer to me and held my hand he kissed it.

"I'll always be there for you"


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