Chapter Seven

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After a few minutes no one opened the door so I turned to go back home, I was at the end of the drive way when Nate opened the door.

"Alana I was in the shower I didn't hear you knock."

It was then I looked at what he was wearing or what he wasn't wearing, he only had a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked amazing.

When I looked up at him he had a smirk across his lips. Dammit he noticed I was staring.

"Well are you going to explain?"

His smirk disappeared and he walked to me, he pulled my hand and took me to his backyard.

"Aren't you going to get dressed." He shook his head, "it'll rip anyway."

We stood behind a tree.

"I'm going to do something crazy right now. Please don't run away and don't be scared, I will not hurt you."

He removed his towel and I began to worry.

"Are you going to rape me?"

He looked serious "no I would never do that, you should know that by now."

Right after he said that he turned into a.. a wolf? What the fuck? He's a wolf? I was going to turn around and run but I remembered that he said he'd never hurt me and I actually believed him, but I was scared because I didn't think this was reality.

He approached me and I backed away until I hit a tree, my back was against the tree and Nate was right in front of me, he was actually kind of cute he was huge but his green orb like eyes bored into mine they sent a sensation of warmth through my body. I lifted my hand and scratched behind his ear, I used to have a puppy who loved when I did that. He purred and I could tell he was enjoying it.

I want to play a game, I wonder if he'll chase me if I run around. I ran as fast as I could, at first Nate thought I was running away from him to get home but when he realized what I was doing he chased me, I know he was letting me win because I could never out run anything.

After running for what seemed like hours I got tired and sat down, Nate was still in wolf form. He came closer to me nuzzled his head into my neck, I could feel his warm breath, I was actually liking the feeling of this but I pulled away.

"Nate I don't know if you can understand me but we need to talk." He ran to an area behind the house and came back out in human form, he was wearing gym shorts and a tank top. He grabbed my hands and lifted me up. We walked into the house and sat on a sofa. There was an awkward silence, I broke it.

"So I guess you're a wolf."

He chuckled "yeah you guessed right."

He turned to me and held my hand then said "you're my mate, that's why I called you mine when we first met, and that's why I get so angry when I think of you with.. Drew and not me, I felt it the other day when you and him were having sex."

I was so embarrassed at what he just said, how did he feel it? He continued to speak when I didn't say anything.

"Alana when a wolf finds his or her mate they need to be with them forever, and it drives them crazy when they're not together."

I looked up at him.

"Can you explain why I feel like this towards you? I'm not a wolf so why are you the only person I think about?" He smiled at the thought of me only thinking about him.

"I'm the alpha of my pack so our bond is stronger than anyone else's bond."

I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I'm yours then"

Just as I finished saying that he picked me up and twirled me around. I didn't want to ruin the moment but I had to say it.

"I need to end things with Drew before anything happens between us." He nodded in response.

"Lets go then."

"I can't go to the company and tell him, he needs to be at home."

Nate didn't listen, he asked me which company and we got in his car.

When we arrived I told him to stay outside Drew's office while I told him everything. He said I wasn't allowed to tell him that he is a wolf because the secret can't get out to humans. All I was going to tell Drew was that we couldn't be together anymore. I honestly felt like shit, I can't believe I'm ending it like this. I walked into his office and saw something I'd never expect to see.

His shirt was on the floor and he was making out with some girl. When I gasped they pulled away and I saw guilt in Drew's eyes. I was going to walk out but before I could Drew yelled "Alana wait, this is Chloe, she says I'm mate" oh my God that just made everything easier.

I jumped in his arms and hugged him. He was confused at my happiness, Nate walked in and hugged my waist, we explained everything to Drew. I told him that we needed to end things for the sake of our mates and he looked relieved, he didn't want to hurt my feelings and I didn't want to hurt his but this way made everything easier.


Yayy Alana and Nate are finally together... Or are they?

And Drew found his mate... Or did he?

I know this chapter is short but the next one will be a lot longer I promise :)

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