Chapter Two

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Drew woke me up at 7:00 am, and told me I had to get ready for school. I begged him to just let me stay home today and tomorrow would be my first day but he said I had to go today.

I really didn't feel like moving today. I was about to go back to sleep when the blanket I was under was pulled off of me.

I got up and took a shower then blow dried my hair. I put on a pair of denim shorts and one of Drew's sweatshirts I could care less about looking good right now.

I just want to get this day over with. I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Drew told me he'd drop me off then go finish some errands.

The car ride there was silent, I was about to fall asleep but Drew stopped the car. "We're here" I looked at the school and it was huge. I am so not looking forward to coming here for a year. He parked the car far away from where people were standing and we got out, he hugged me saying "everything will be okay. I bet this schools just like your old one." His words made me feel better but there was still something weird about this school.

Drew walked me to the school doors and told me he'd pick me up as soon as school got out. I kissed him and told him I loved him then he left.

I opened the door and in seconds everyone was starring and whispering, well so much for everything being normal. I made my way to the office and told the secretary that today was my first day, she smiled and handed me my schedule a map of the school, my locker number.

I went to my first period which was english, the teacher was a nice old lady, she told me I could sit anywhere I wanted to. Most of the students were looking at me as if I had something on my face. My next class was physics, this class was so boring, I was about to fall asleep until the teacher started talking.

"Alana you will be working with Amber." I looked around for this girl named Amber and she waved at me. I got up and went over to her table, she was actually nice. I'm going to her house tomorrow to start this project.

She told me that her older brother would pick me up, but Drew wouldn't mind taking me so I told her that he would drop me off. The rest of the day went by quick, before I knew it I was in my last class with just 5 minutes until the bell would ring.

When I opened the door to leave I bumped into Amber she asked if I needed a ride home, but Drew was outside waiting for me. I pointed at him, and saying "my boyfriend is already here, but thanks anyways."

She nodded her head and walked over to a big truck with a guy sitting in it, wow he was gorgeous, wait what? I don't know why I just said that. I walked over to Drew and hugged him.

On the way home he asked me how school was, when I told him it wouldn't have been bad if people stopped starring he smiled and said "its because your so beautiful."

I laughed. "Yeah especially since I'm dressed like this, right?"

He looked over my outfit. "Most guys love a girl dressed in their clothes, and I'm one of them." I put my hand over his right one.

"You like a lot of weird things."

Nate's POV

Ever since Saturday I've had this feeling in my gut. I've never felt this before, and today when I picked up Amber the feeling was getting stronger and stronger. A few of my friends who already found their mates told me they think I found mine, but I didn't, I haven't met anyone new these past days.

Amber told me that her partner is coming over tomorrow to work on a project, it's just me and her at home right now. Our parents are on vacation.

This feeling is really starting to annoy me, if I met my mate, where is she?


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