Winning My Luna's Heart

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Alana's POV

Amber and I just got done working on our class project. I was waiting for Drew to come pick me up when Amber's brother walked in, he stood still and just focused on me. I felt a pull towards him which is weird because I love Drew.

He walked towards me, and just looked into my eyes, it was creepy so I stuck my hand out and said "hi, I'm Alana." He shook my hand and shocks moved through my body, then he said "I'm Nate" just then Drew texted me saying he was just around the corner. I pulled my hand from Nate's grip.

"I have to go, my boyfriends here." I swear I heard a growl escape his lips, but I ignored it and walked out or at least tried to, before I made it to the door he grabbed my arm.

"Boyfriend? But you're mine" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes boyfriend and excuse me? I don't even know you."

He let go of my arm and went up the stairs to his house. Just then Drew pulled up in the driveway and got out, he pecked my lips and opened the door for me. I looked up at the top of the house and saw Nate looking at us through a window, he looked mad and I mean really mad. What the hell is his problem and why does he think I'm his?


Okay so this is my new story.... What do you guys think?

I will be posting chapter 1 later today!


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