Chapter Twenty One

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Hi everyone, I'm just here to warn you that Nate and Alana get a bit sexual in this chapter, if you are offended by sexual content or are a young reader please do not read this chapter, thank you all!

Enjoy ;)

Not edited please ignore the mistakes


Nate's POV

She was tempting me, as soon as she kissed my neck my wolf took over. When I felt her lips and hot breath over my ear it pushed me over the edge I didn't even give her time to finish her sentence before I threw her over my shoulder and ran home using my wolf speed to get there faster.

After stumbling through our bedroom door I dropped her on to the bed and hovered over her body, we were both out of breath but when I told her that tonight was going to be the best night of her life I could hear her heart rate pick up, the fact that I got her excited turned me on so much. I lowered my mouth to hers and our lips moved in sync for a while.

I swiped my tongue across her bottom lip but she denied me entrance I smiled against her mouth and decided to try again when she denied my entrance again I growled and let my hands move down to her pants, when I got my hand in her underwear I shoved my finger in and out of her wet pussy causing her to gasp allowing me to slip my tongue in her mouth and kissed her roughly. When she moaned it was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard I loved it so much I decided to grind my erection against her body she did it again but this time she said my name and that's when I lost control.

I ripped her whole outfit off leaving her in her bra and panties, when I went remove the clasp on her back I felt pressure in my head, after letting my mental barriers down I heard Jaces voice.

"Alpha someone started a fire at one of your business chains, it's so big that it's spreading through the town quickly."

I jumped off the bed so fast that Alana almost fell off.

"Nate what's wrong? What's happening?"

I explained everything and told her to stay in the house until I got back, before I left I kissed her and told her not to open the doors no matter who it was.

When I arrived I couldn't believe it.

"Who the hell did this"

I asked the pack, they all had their heads down and I knew that it was not one of them. Jace joined me.

"We put the fire out but half the town is destroyed, including.."

He trailed off looking at what used to be a set of my businesses. Oh man when I find the person who did this I'm ripping their head of their body.

Drew's POV

I wasn't planing on doing what I did, but while I was walking home I past a bunch of buildings that read "owned by Nate Renalds."

I had to do it. He took my life away from me so it's time I start taking his away. I ran to the nearest gas station and bought as much gasoline as I could, after washing his stores with the gas I purchased I lit a few matches and watched everything go up in flames. He brought this to himself.

Now that he'll be busy trying to rebuild everything I'll have a better chance at getting closer to Alana, I'm sure she misses me just as much as I miss her she's just confused right now.


Sorry it's short but at least I'm updating everyday now! :)

-Sarah- ❤

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