Chapter Eleven

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Nate's POV

I couldn't help the disappointment that rushed through me when I saw Alana run after him.

Then I heard her say "nothing happened I swear." I have no idea why but it hurt like hell hearing those words, maybe it's because she brought me back into reality.

I hate that guy Drew. He doesn't deserve her, she deserves so much better but she doesn't know that.

I could smell the scent of another female all over him, and was starting to believe he wasn't really at work last night.

When she realizes that she doesn't love him it'll be my chance to show her what true love really is. All I want to do is hold her little body close to mine and tell her how much I love her, but right now I can't risk losing her.

Alana's POV

When Drew left he was still angry, I don't understand why, he said he believed that nothing happened between Nate and I so why is he still acting weird.

I need to think of a way to make things better between us. Maybe I should go back to Victoria's Secret and buy that sexy lingerie, but I can't do that to Nate. I can't stop thinking about the way he defended me yesterday. I wanted nothing more then to touch his big muscles and enjoy my night with him but I need to figure out what's happening with Drew and I right now.

I wish I could tell Drew that I have feelings for him and Nate, but I'm positive that he'd freak out and leave me. I won't ever forget what Drew's helped me get through, he's been with me since the day I found my parents motionless bodies laying on the floor.

I sat down on my bed thinking about a way to make things better between us. I got the idea of packing up a basket and going on a picnic. It's 4 pm right now, usually Drew finishes work at 6:30 as soon as he's home I'll tell him that I'm taking him somewhere special.

I straightened my hair and decided to get dressed. I put on a little summer dress that Drew loves me in and waited for him, now it's exactly 6 o'clock, just 30 minutes until he's home, I hope he likes my little surprise.

He's late it's 7 and he still isn't here. Maybe he needs to work extra hours like yesterday, well I didn't get ready for nothing I'll just go to the company and surprise him there.

Drew's POV

When I got to the company I saw Mr. Smit and he let me know that Amy would be in my office shortly.

I went into my office and started working, there isn't really much for me to do today I finished everything a couple hours after I started.

At 6 o'clock there was a knock on my door, when she walked in.

I couldn't stop replaying last night in my head. I thought Alana was good but Amy is amazing.

She sat on the edge of my desk.

"We can't go to my place tonight." That pissed me off, I can't take her back to my place because Alana's there.

I looked up at her and asked "doesn't everybody leave at 7?"

She nodded.

"Then we'll just stay here."

She leaned closer to me and started kissing me.

"That's a great idea." she whispered.

After making sure we were the only people in the company we went straight back to my office and started what we had been wanted to do.

Amy was moaning my name as I thrusted in and out of her.

I didn't notice my door was open until I heard a gasp and something hit the floor.

When I looked up I saw Alana standing there with tears covering her face.

I quickly pulled out of Amy and ran to Alana. "Babe I can explain everyth-" I was cut off by a slap on my face.

"you're a jerk! You thought that I was with Nate yesterday, and you got mad over nothing but you come to work and fuck some slut."

I really had nothing to say, I know I'm cheating on Alana but that doesn't mean that somewhere inside I don't have feelings for her.

"All I did today was think of ways to make you feel better because I thought you were mad, but now I know why you wanted to come to work so bad."

She turned around and walked out with out saying anything else.

"Alana I'm sorry." but she didn't look back.

Alana's POV

I can't believe I just saw that. I never thought Drew would cheat on me. When I heard someone screaming his name I thought something was wrong but when I saw them together I just couldn't take it.

It felt so good to slap him. I wish I would have hit him one more time but I was to disgusted of him. I don't want to think about him right now.

I drove myself to a bar and decided to drink my troubles away. I lost count of the drinks I had but judging by the way I felt I know it was a lot.

I got up and walked outside. I can't drive like this, I'll just pick it up when I'm sober. When I turned the corner I was thrown against a wall.

I looked up and saw a man who was just as drunk as me.

"Please don't hurt me." I pleaded.

"I just want to have some fun."

I tried to run but it only caused his grip to tighten. He grabbed my neck and started choking me.

"If you scream I'll kill you." I nodded and felt my more tears run down my cheeks.

"Get away from her now." I know that voice. This is the only person who could make me feel better right now, it's Nate!


She caught Drew and she slapped him!!

Nate's going to save her! What's going to happen in the next chapter?

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