Chapter Eighteen

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**Please read this before reading anything else**

Okay so they get sexual in this chapter, please do not read this if you get offended by sexual content ;)

Nates POV

It's been three weeks since Alana met the pack, nobody can stop talking about how much they like her.

It irritates me when I hear one of the unmated males talking about her. I trust her and them but sometimes I just can't control my anger.

She told me she loves me but we still haven't mated, we have long make out sessions but just when I think its going to turn in to more she stops me.

I know that she isn't a virgin because I felt it when she was with that prick last time, she admit to me that she regrets giving everything up to him but it still pisses me off that another guy saw her in her most vulnerable state.

I've been at the pack house since the morning, Alana and I are the only ones in the pack who live on our own.

Everyone here gets along, I taught them to treat eachother like brothers and sisters and the older pack members like their parents.

My sister Amber found her mate while she was away on vaction, she's lived with him and his pack for a month now.

All I want to do is go home and stay with Alana, as soon as I finish checking up on everyone thats exactly what I'm going to do.

Alanas POV

Right when Nate left the house I went to the mall, I bought a couple outfits that I know he'd love, tonight is the night that both of us have been waiting for.

I'm a little scared about being marked but I am going to let him do whatever he wants. The only reason I waited so long is because I wanted to be sure that he's the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I mean it's crazy that he's a werewolf, and I'm a human but he's proven to me that he really is the only one for me.

When I got home I started dinner, I am going to act like I do everyday because I want him to be surprised when I tell him that I'm ready.

Nates POV

When I got home I heard Alana singing in the kitchen and went right to her, I guess she didn't hear me come in because when I wrapped my arms around her waist she jumped.

I pulled her so close to me that there was no room between my chest and her back. I started kissing her neck, and my grip on her waist tighten when she moaned I thought she was going to forget about dinner and let me have my way with her but just like always she stopped me.

"Lets eat before the food gets cold."

She walked away like nothing happened, this girl is going to be the end of me.

We ate in silence, I was sexually frustrated and she just looked like she was thinking about something. Once we were done I helped clean up and we decided to watch some tv.

At about 9:30 she told me she forgot her purse in the car. I went to get it but it was no were in sight after looking under the seats, and in the glove compartment I went back in the house, Alana was no longer in the living room I made my way to our room.

"Alana your pur-" I stopped talking when I saw her, she was standing in front of our bed barely wearing anything, she looked amazing I could feel my wolf trying to take over but I wasn't going to let that happen.

I was standing in front of her in a second. It surprised me when she made the first move and put her warm lips on mine, without breaking the kiss I layed her on the bed and used one hand to support my weight so it wasn't all on her, I let my other hand explore her body.

When I felt her tug my shirt I pulled away.

"Are you sure?" She nodded and continued to undress me. When she got to my jeans she asked me to lay on my back so she could remove them easier. I watched her walk around the bed and I couldn't wait any longer, it was like she was teasing me by taking her time. I stood up quickly and pulled my pants down. She started laughing, probably at the rush I was in.

When I was going to pull my boxers down she stopped me, "not yet" dammit I guess she's not done teasing me yet.

I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. I started to remove her little outfit by tearing it in to shreds, it's not my fault my wolf was coming out.

When she was naked my eyes roamed her body and I let out a satisfied growl, both my wolf and I couldn't wait to be inside her.

First I kissed her lips then I trailed kisses all over her body. I remembered that I had to mark her before anything else, but I couldn't do it without warning her right when I was about to pull my lips off her chest she whispered, "Nate mark me."

I didn't hesitate at all, I kissed her neck until I reached the area between her jaw and neck, immeditly I sank my teeth in. She moaned over and over. I let my tongue massage the area as soon as I pulled my teeth out.

"Did that hurt?" she shook her head and cupped my face, "only a little but thats okay because now I'm yours." I laughed and said "you've always been mine"

I didn't even give her a chance to respond because I crashed my lips on to hers. While making out I couldn't stop my hands from cupping her brests and rubbing her hard nipples, she moaned in my mouth and thats when I couldn't control myself from pulling away and ripping my boxers off.

When Alana saw my size she gasped. I grinned and climbed on top of her after spreading her legs I asked if she was ready, she nodded and I didn't waste time I pushed in gently, she arched her back.

At first I moved at a steady pace until she moaned, "faster Nate faster."

I did as she asked and soon enough she was screaming, moaning and telling me how much she loves me. When we both reached our peaks I asked if she would mind me releasing inside of her she said I could and thats exactly what I did, I pulled out of her and collapsed, we were both sweating and out of breath.

She snuggled into me and rested her head on my chest, I kissed the top of her head and whispered "I love you Alana" she kissed my chest. "I love you too Nate." After that we were both silent.

The next day I woke up and we were both in the same position we fell asleep in. I couldn't stop the memories of last night from flooding into my mind, our bodies were made for eachother, I got lucky to have Alana as my mate and I wouldn't change a thing if I was given the chance. I love Alana and I always will.

Drews POV

I watched the whole thing happen, I hated it. They look like their in love. I wish I wouldn't have witnessed that, why did they have to leave their bedroom window open? When I saw what she was wearing I wanted to jump in through the window and do what we used to enjoy doing, I heard her moaning his name and it hurt like hell. I love Alana and I am going to get her back, I already have a plan, I just need to get her away from Nate.


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