Chapter Eight

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Sorry everyone but this chapter isn't edited please ignore any mistakes :)


"Babe wake up."

I opened my eyes and saw Drew standing over me.

"Come on I made breakfast." He walked closer and pulled my arms.

Wait that was all just a dream... Of course it was a dream how would it be possible for a human to be a werewolf too.

Wow it felt so real, and to be honest I kind of wish it was. I'm actually mad that the events from my dream weren't true, this means that Nate and I are not a couple, the worse part is that I was willing to leave Drew.

This little thing that's going on with Nate and I has to end.

Drew picked me up bridal style and walked down to the kitchen, I smelled bacan and eggs, there was a vase in the middle of the table with a bouquet of white and pink roses, he's the best thing in my life. I'm such a bad person, I really don't deserve him.

As we sat at the table I just couldn't look him in the eyes I feel so guilty. Right when Drew goes to work I'm telling Nate that he really needs to leave me alone.

"What's on your mind?" Drew asked, keeping my gaze on my plate I shook my head.

"Nothing really. Just thinking."

"About what?" He said sounding amused.

I didn't even know what to say. Luckily I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing.

"Hello?" there was no answer, "hello?" Still no answer, ugh whatever I hung up and told Drew that I was going to take a shower.

In the middle of my shower Drew walked in, he wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck.

"Did you enjoy last night?" He mumbled into my neck, what if Nate really did feel it like he said in my dream.


Drew said sounding worried, crap I really need to think of something to say.

"Um of course I enjoyed it, what do you think has been on my mind all morning?"

He brought his lips to mine and whispered "maybe after work we could do it again?"

I smiled and was about to say something but got cut off by my phone ringing again, since I was all wet Drew dried his hands and picked it up, I heard Drew say hello about five times before he came back in. Who the hell keeps calling?

When I got out of the bathroom I saw Drew putting on his suit, he buttoned up his shirt and walked toward me.

"I wasn't joking earlier, we're having sex after work, or you can come to work with me and we could do it on my desk, your choice."

I think I like the first idea more I said while walking away. He laughed. "I thought you'd say that." I don't really want to do anything tonight, what if Nate really does feel it- wait I don't care about him. Drew is my boyfriend and I.. I love him?

Before he left I told him that I was planning on going shopping, he smirked.

"Will you be buying something for tonight?" I pushed his chest and said "maybe..." he pecked my lips and left.

I really didn't feel like going shopping but I need to get my mind off Nate and that crazy dream.

I walked into Victorias Secret and straight to all the sexy nightwear. I couldn't chose just one so I stood there debating which Drew would like more.

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