Chapter Fifteen

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Alana's POV

I'm not so shocked about Nate's confession, after that dream I had I put some pieces together, I understand why he growls when ever he's angry and why everyone is so afraid of him for some reason I find it a major turn on.

There's no point in lying to myself, I really like Nate and he likes me too, I'll tell him my decision in the morning.

When I woke up I went downstairs to talk to Nate but he wasn't there, he must have gone to work. I changed in to a tank top and sweatpants and decided to go for a run. I ran all around town, the weather was beautiful, when I got tired I stopped and bought a smoothie I walked back home and saw Nate sitting outside with a girl next to him, she was crying and he was trying to calm her down I wonder why she's so sad. I walked over to them and said hello.

"Where were you?" Nate asked, I was going to answer but as soon as the girl saw me she stood up.

"Luna, it's a pleasure to meet you." I shook her hand "please call me Alana." I heard Nate growl behind me, but I ignored him.

Before the girl left she told me her name was Allie but she never told me the reason she was crying, maybe she doesn't like opening up to strangers.

After thinking for a while I decided I'd talk to Nate after I cleaned myself up, on my way to the bathroom Nate came up to me, "you can't tell people to call you by your name, it's considered disrespectful."

I looked up at him and he didn't look angry he looked like he was just warning me.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know that." He smiled and walked away without saying anything else I wonder what's wrong with him.

I took my time in the shower because I'm nervous about talking to Nate. While running today I thought a lot about us, I do have really strong feelings for him, I mean he's been nothing but good to me since I met him.

When I dried myself and got dressed I went downstairs but again Nate was gone. I went into the kitchen and saw a note that read "be ready at 7 we're going somewhere special."

I smiled and ran up to my room to get ready it's 6 right now I need to get ready fast.

I slipped into a black skirt covered in flowers and a black low cut shirt with a jacket over, by the time I was done with my hair and make up it was exactly 7 o'clock. When I opened my door I was greeted by a very handsome Nate. He was holding a bouquet of red roses and was dressed in an all black suit. I took the roses and thanked him for them. He led me out to his truck and drove off.

Nate's POV

I woke up earlier then usual today because I want to surprise Alana when I take her out. This is going to be the best night of her life.

Since I am the alpha I own most of the places here, one of those places is the beach. I ordered everyone to stay away from there so it would only be me and Alana there. I had some people who work at the flower shop stop by and sprinkle rose pedals all over the sand, in the middle of the beach there was a table with two candles and two plates for our food.

When I thought everything looked perfect I went home but Alana wasn't there, I was about to call her but I saw Allie walking towards me with tears in her eyes.

Allie is one of the younger wolfs in the pack she is 15 years old, when she was standing in front of me she said "alpha I'm sorry to disturb you but I need your help."

"What is it Allie?" She began to cry and said "I..I found my mate but he rejected me, can you please talk to him for me?"

I was going to ask her who her mate was but Alana walked up to us, she was wearing sweatpants and a tank top, and was covered in sweat but I still thought she looked hot. When Allie noticed her she stood up and gave her the respect she deserves but Alana told her not to call her Luna which is a complete sign of disrespect.

I'll have to explain to her that only family can call her by her name, everyone else must call her Luna.

When she was in the shower I went out and bought her flowers, I left her a note telling her to be ready at 7, when I got back home I knocked on her door and waited, once she opened the door and I got a good look at her she took my breath away, she's so beautiful. I handed her the flowers and led her to my truck.

She asked me where we were going to many times to count, I repeated the same answer each time, "you'll see when we get there."

After driving for 30 minutes we arrived at the beach, when Alana saw the candles and rose pedals spread across the sand her eyes lit up and she whispered "it's so beautiful."

I held her hand "not as beautiful as you."

She squeezed my hand, "thank you, nobody has ever done something like this for me."

I led her to the table where I had a chef prepare our dinner. When we finished eating we were both silent, I wanted to ask her if she thought about us being together but I don't want her to feel rushed, as if reading my mind she grabbed my hand.

"Nate I..I thought about us and I feel like the only way I'll ever be happy is if I'm with you."

Did she really just say that? She actually wants to be with me? I didn't even think about anything before standing up and running to her side, I picked her up and twirled her around, she wrapped her arms around my neck and giggled. She's finally mine!


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