Chapter Twenty Six

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Drew's POV

I felt bad after what I did, I wouldn't call it rape because we've had sex before but then again I forced her into it. She doesn't know what she does to me.

I really do love her but I know what I just did only made her hate me.

She's refusing to eat and won't even look me in the eyes I tried everything but she's just ignoring me.

I woke up in the middle of the night and listened to her sobs, I wish I could take back what I did but I can't. She really does love Nate and that's what's driving me crazy.


The next day I woke up early and went out to get breakfast. On my way out of the bakery I felt like I was being watched and I was starting to get paranoid. Maybe I should take Alana somewhere else, but she'll never willingly go with me.

I stopped by at the pharmacy and picked up some sleeping pills, if I can get her to take them they'll knock her out and I'll be able to take her anywhere I want to.

When I got back to the cabin were currently staying at Alana was awake, if looks could kill I'd defiantly be dead right now. "I got some food." She didn't say anything, "I even got you some pills to help you stop vomiting," when I said that she looked up at me but still no answer, I took a croissant out and handed it to her, when she took it I was shocked but I realized that she was only taking a bite so she could swallow the pill.

A few hours later she fell asleep. I wasted no time to get her in the truck and drive off. I left her hands tied just incase she wakes up before I find somewhere to go.

Alpha Jackson's POV

When Nate told me that someone took his mate I couldn't believe it, at first I didn't even think about the young man that asked if he could rent out my cabin but once Nate told me what he looked like I realized that he was in my territory with Nate's mate.

I can't really remember what the boy said his name was, I think it was Drew.

I've had a few of my men watching him until Nate gets here.

When I was told that Drew was leaving the area I made sure to have more men follow him.

Nate asked me not to do anything to him because he wanted to be the one to rip his head off, I couldn't agree more. If this was happening to me I'd make sure to make this guys death as painful as possible.

I was waiting in my office when Alex, my beta knocked on the door and said "Alpha Nate is in the living room." I don't know how I'm going to tell him that their no longer on my land but I have to. "Bring him in here."

A few seconds later he was in my office and he looked like he was ready to kill. We greeted each other with a hand shake and got right to it, "where are they?" His face grew serious. "Well Nate they were in territory this morning but-" "BUT WHAT" he shouted. "They aren't here anymore" he came up to me and grabbed me by my shirt, "Nate were both alphas don't do something we'll end up regretting." As if he snapped back into reality he let go of my shirt and stepped back.

"I have some of my strongest men following them, we're going to get her back, you need to calm down." He nodded his head and asked "did any of your men see's she doing?" I put my hand on his shoulder and said "she was asleep and he was carrying her, her dress was ripped in multiple places and her hands were tied together." A loud growl erupted from his mouth before saying "ask your men where they are and tell me."

Alana's POV

I woke up in a completely different place then where I fell asleep, this place was much smaller and it smelled horrible. I was on a bed but this one was much smaller then the last one. This time both my hands were tied to the head board.

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