Chapter Twenty Seven

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Before you start reading I just want to tell you that the doctors name is Hanna.

Enjoy :)

Alana's POV

I gasped while she spoke. "He's lost his memory, but since the Alpha bit him while in wolf form..." She trailed off and Nates grip on my hand tightened, "continue" he demanded. "Since you bit him while you were in wolf form he has been turned into a shifter." I felt mixed emotions, scared, worried, but most of all I felt guilty. Drew has been turned into a wolf.

I looked up at Nate and saw the hard expression on his face, I'm sure he's angry because Drew is still alive but no matter what I could never wish death to anyone even if he did hurt me.

"Can I see him?" I asked the doctor before she walked away. She nodded her head and led me to him.

He was awake when I entered the room. His expression was blank and there were some scars on his face.

"Hi." I spoke while taking a seat next to him.

"Where am I?" He questioned but not looking at me, he was looking at Nate as if he trusted him. I nudged Nate's hand and he dryly answered.

"You're in mine and Alana's home, you fell on your head and lost your memory." He needed to lie to him, I mean how exactly would you explain to someone that they were attacked by a wolf.

I went to find Hanna, I need to ask her if he knows what he's been turned into.

She told me that he'd find out later tonight once he actually shifts, I guess we'll have to explain that to him really soon.


Nate and I were in our room when we heard screams coming from the guest room. We jumped off the bed and ran towards the noise, when we reached the door Nate broke it down and we saw Drew on all fours screaming, Nate stood in front of me and explained to me that he was going to his first shift.

I watched as his hands turned into claws and fur was covering his body.

His wolf was no where near the size of Nate's but he was still big the color of his fur was light brown.

I wasn't allowed to go near him because we weren't sure how his body would take the transformation but he didn't do much, he just laid on his stomach like he didn't know what to do.

Nate shifted into his wolf, at first I thought he was going to challenge him to a fight but instead it looked like he was teaching him what to do. After a while they both shifted into their human forms.

"What the hell just happened?" Drew yelled. I was about to start talking but I felt the room start to spin and the next thing I saw was black.

Nate's POV

Alana looked lost, I knew that she didn't know how to explain what happened to Drew, just as I was about to explain everything she blacked out, her body went limp and she fell to the floor.


I picked her up and rushed her to the doctor, I shouldn't have let her come in here I knew he was going through his first shift and I let her watch him it was all probably to much for her to take in.

Hanna told me that she might just be tired from everything that's happened, but she still wanted to run some tests to be sure that she was healthy.

A few hours later all the tests were done but Hanna said she wanted to wait until Alana was up to tell us what was really wrong with her. I was about to use my Alpha command on her but as soon as I started Alana woke up, the first thing I did was hug her, she started laughing.

"I'm fine Nate." I kissed her lips. "We're about to find out."

We both turned to look at Hanna and she smiled before saying "congratulations you're going to be parents."


Sorry it's short I've been really busy and just through this together :)

Their going to be parents!!!!!

❤ -Sarah- ❤

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