Chapter Sixteen

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Alana's POV

After I confessed my feelings to him he picked me up and twirled me around, I put my lips on his and he responded right away, without breaking the kiss or putting me down Nate made his way to his truck, he put me in the passenger seat and got in the drivers seat.

My heart rate sped up and I suddenly felt nervous I really hope he doesn't want to have sex tonight I think it's to early in our relationship, my first time was with Drew and I hate myself for trusting him so much. I was brought out of my thoughts by Nate's question.

"What are you thinking about?" I really didn't know what to say, what if I told and he got mad, well to bad I'm telling him anyways.

"I..I um..well..I don't want.. to have sex tonight"

He started laughing. "Alana I'm not going to force you to do anything if you don't want to."

After letting out a breath I started to laugh too, I shouldn't have been scared Nate actually understood!

When we got home Nate said he wanted to talk to me about something, I got changed into my pajamas and made my way to the living room. Nate was sitting on the couch and looked like he was focused on something important, when he noticed I walked in he stood up and reached for my hand, we sat down on a love seat in the corner.

I couldn't help but notice the worried look on Nate's face, I cupped his cheeks and looked in his eyes.

"Is everything okay?" I asked. He half smiled.

"Yeah but I just need to let you know some things about us." I kissed his cheek.

"Tell me whatever you think I need to know."

He picked me up and sat me on his lap, after a moment of silence he started.

"As a werewolf I am supposed to mark you, when I do you will be connected to me forever, me and my wolf are both already in love with you and hope to stay together until death, but I just feel that I have to let you know before I actually do mark you."

I was stunned by his words but I liked the thought of being together forever. I hugged him.

"Will it hurt when you mark me?"

He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Only at first, when my teeth connect with your skin it will sting a bit but once I pull out and place my tongue over the mark your body will relax and feel pleasured."

I felt my cheeks warm up when he said I'd feel pleasured, he must have noticed because immediately he kissed me and mumbled "I can't wait until you let me have my way with you."

I pulled away and playfully slapped his chest, when I tried to get off him he stood up and pulled me closer to him.

I giggled as he picked me up and walked to his bedroom.

"We may not be having sex tonight but were still going to sleep in the same bed."

I put my finger on my chin and pretended to think, after a few seconds I laughed.

"I don't mind a little cuddling."

I was set on the bed as Nate undressed, I tried not to stare but with the body he has it's nearly impossible. When he walked over to the bed he was just wearing his boxers, is he really going to sleep like that?

We both laid down together and talked about random things, Nate had his arms around me and there was literally no space between us.

This is how everything should be, laying down on Nate's chest while he sleeps just feels so right. Listening to his heart beat calms me, I'm not sure if I'm in love with him or not but I know that whenever he's around I'm a happier person. I love the way my body fits in his I could stay like this forever and when he marks me I will be the luckiest girl because I'm spending the rest of my life with this perfect man.

Drew's POV

I've watched their every move for the past two weeks, she seems to be having a fine time while I sit around at home and drink all day. I can't believe she's already forgotten about everything we had, I know I'm the one who ruined it but I didn't think she would react this way. I didn't even know my feelings for her were this strong I thought I was only with her for the sex but when she left I realized how lonely I am without her. Now she's with him, he just walked in to our life and ruined everything.

I should have known something was up with him from the day he told me "not to touch what's his."

I'm sure they won't last for long I am going to do everything in my power to ruin their relationship.


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