Chapter 18: Let The Hunt Begin

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Elaine's POV

We drove to the house in silence. When we finally pulled into the driveway we both smelled something that we weren't looking forward to at first.

Laurent was sitting on the front steps of the house.

"Stay in the car." Carlisle whispers. I look at him, is he insane?

"Yeah, right." I whisper back, I grab the handle to my door and open it.

Carlisle runs around the car using vampire speed and slams my door shut again. I give him a death glare through the window.

"What the hell!" I yelled through the glass. He ignores me and walks up to the steps to go talk to Laurent.

"Stupid Carlisle." I mumble under my breathe.

He turns around and gives me a look that says 'Did you really just call me stupid.'

I return it with a smile that says'You can bet your bottom dollar I did. '

Ugh, fighting with him was so stressful. Finally they stop talking and then Carlisle looks over to me and motions for me to come join them.

I open the door, shutting it. I look to see that when he slammed it he had put a dent on the side of the car. That will look classy.

"This is your beautiful fiance?" Laurent says as I walk closer.

"Yes, this is Elaine." I smile and hold out my hand to shake with Laurent.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine. You are quite beautiful." Laurent says. I know if I could blush I would be.

"Why thank you, your not to bad yourself." I answer.

Then, I turn to Carlisle.

"Dearest, you seem to have put a dent in your favorite car." I say in the sweetest, voice I can manage.

Carlisle calls it my smart ass voice. I smirked thinking about it, hoping he was getting the idea that I am pissed.

He looks over to his beloved white Hummer and frowns.

"It looks like I have. Maybe if you weren't being so stubborn, that crisis could have been been averted."

He says in the same tone I had.

I laugh as he tried to offend me.

"Oh, well then I am truly sorry, my love."I almost spat.

Before we could get too nasty at each other Laurent clears his throat, I had forgotten he was here.

"Sorry. I do not wish to interrupt you. I just thought that maybe you two would like to move this conversation to inside." We both look at him and then look to the house, Carlisle nods.

"Yes, We're sorry we don't mean to fight in front of you, it's childish. Elaine we'll talk about this later." He says giving me a spiteful look, I frown.

"Yeah, if you can catch me." I whisper. He looks at me,

"That shouldn't be a problem." he says tensely.

I roll my eyes and we go into the house to talk to Laurent.

Edward's POV

Alice, Emmett and me start to drive Bella back to her house.

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