Chapter 17; Remembering and Fighting

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Elaine's POV

Alice tells us to stop,
We all run towards her and Edward to see what's going on.
"Put your hair down."
Edward whispers to Bella, and I give him a confused look.
"Nomads." Edward answers, and I nod.
Bella begins to take her hair down.
"Like that will help I can smell her from across the field." I looked over to Rose.

"Rose, please. Control the attitude,"

Rose gives me an ashamed look, but nods.

"Yes mom."

I walk over to go stand by Carlisle.  He is looking where Alice is pointing with a worried expression. Maybe this was the reason all of us were having bad feelings about today. We shouldn't have brought Bella out. We should have known.

But how could we have known.

Carlisle wraps one of his arms around my waist.

"Remember your promise to me." He whispers. I nod.

"I won't leave your side."

He looks content with my response. He has a hundred things to worry about right now, he doesn't have to be worrying about me on top of it.

We all stare into the distance, waiting to see the faces of the people who we might need to fend off. After about a minute, they're here.

A girl with long red curly hair is walking in the middle, she looks more like a cat than a woman, to her left is a dark skinned man with dredds. I  looked to both of their eyes. Dark red ,almost black. They drink from humans. I looked to Bella and Edward. I could tell by the expression on Bella's face that she was scared.  I turned back to the nomads. There was one I hadn't noticed before, and I wish I hadn't noticed at all.

Long blonde hair, just like I remembered. Pulled back into a long perfect ponytail. He had a brown leather jacket on.

It was him.

The man that condemned me to this eternal damnation. I winced. Carlisle looked over to me with a confused expression.

"That fucker." I heard Edward whisper,

He must have been reading my thoughts.

I turned to him, giving him my best 'Stop' expression.

He was still giving the man with the long hair the death glare.

"We heard a game going on and we came to check it out." The dark skinned man said. I looked over to him.

That couldn't have been the only reason they came here. They must have smelled her.

"Mind if we join?" The girl asks. I look to Carlisle.

Be cool, Elaine. Just be cool.

The blonde continued to stare at me.

I needed to know his name. I needed at least the justice of that.

He smirked at me.

"Sure, a few of us we're leaving anyways."

Smooth, good idea Carlisle. He is so wise. I love him so much.

"This is Victoria, and James." The man said gesturing to his two friends.

Finally he had a name. James. The name I would now forever hate.

"And I am Laurent."

Carlisle gave them a kind small smile. Then says,

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