Chapter 7; Getting Ready for The Date With Alice

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.

Alice's POV
I looked through all the clothes I had bought for Elaine last week. She hadn't even seen her closet yet, and I was so excited!
I knew she would love everything in here, except maybe the high heels, but she would live.
"Elaine!" I screamed.
"Yes Alice, I'm here!" I heard her call back as she entered the room.
She looked around, taking in the dark purple walls and the light purple satin blanket.
"Woah," she whispered.
"Do you like it?" I asked. She pulled her hand through her hair. It seemed to be a habit of hers.
"It's beautiful, who's room is this?" She asked. I smiled,
Her eyes widened and then she whispered,
"Mine?" I nodded.
"Yes, I started decorating it last week. I really hope you like it," I smiled and nodded at her.
"Alice, I love it, now Emmett said something about getting ready for a date?"
I looked at my watch,
"Right, we should get started."

Elaine's POV
I can't believe I was standing in my room. It was amazing!
Alice was such a good friend!
"So how did things go with Edward?" She asked as I changed into pants a shirt and a blazer, which she had laid out on my bed.
"It was good, for the most part, still the same annoying little brother he's always been."
I answer back. She laughs and then says,
"You nervous for tonight?"
I shrugged.
"A little, you gotta remember Alice I was married before,"
She laughed a little more than made a serious face,
"Are you going to tell him about that?"
She asked. I shrugged again.
"Not sure, if he asks, I guess I will. I haven't thought that far yet,"
She nodded then started to do my make up.
"This eyeliner looks amazing on you! Not that you need it." She said as she put eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes.
"Thank you Alice, you think he'll like it?" I asked, she smirked and said,
"If I know Carlisle, and I do, I would say he will love it! How couldn't he? You look amazing!"
I laughed this time.
"I'm glad you approve,"
"I do, now close your eyes, and no peeking in the mirror yet, I just have to fix your hair," I sighed but shut my eyes. I felt her tug on my hair. After a couple of minutes of silence, she finally said,
"Okay, now you can look,"
I smiled. Then opened my eyes. In the mirror, there was a gorgeous girl. She had beautiful golden eyes that popped with dark eyeliner, huge red lips that were big and full.her hair was in a long ponytail that hung from the back of her head. It came down in long waves that reached her lower back.
"Alice, I don't even know what to say, I- thank you. I never liked the way I looked since the change, but this, makes me like myself a little more," I smiled up at her with what I felt like tears in my eyes.
"I'm glad I can do that for you, it's not everyday you get to do a complete makeover on your new mom," she whispered. I looked up at her shocked at what she had just said.
"New mom?" I asked.
She nodded happily.
"Yes, I fear Esme will be leaving us soon. She will meet her mate in a few months and go to be with him and his family. We all knew it was coming. We're just so glad that we get to have someone as awesome as you, be her replacement." Alice explained. I smiled wider and stood up, hugging her.
"I would love to be your mom," I whispered in her ear,
She hugged me tight and then said,
"Alright, no smudging my masterpiece."
I laughed while I was doing this happy cry thing. So glad I can't really cry.
We stood there for a second, holding each others hands and looking at each other smiling. Then we heard a knock, we both looked to see Edward in the doorway, I smiled,
"It's almost time to go Lane,"
I raised an eyebrow as he said my old nickname.
Then laughed and walked towards him.
Now I was starting to get a little nervous.

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