Chapter 21; Forgive Me My Love

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Elaine's POV
Something doesn't feel right.
Alice, Jasper, Bella and I sat In the airport, it was one of those rare cloudy days in Arizona, and we were grateful.
We sat there in silence.
"They should be here in around twenty minutes,"
Alice said after a while.
I nod.
"Can I possibly go to the bathroom?"
Bella asked,
I smiled,
"Of course, Alice?"
I asked, Alice was about to get up but Bella stopped her.
"Actually, can Jasper take me?"
She asks,
I raise an eyebrow.
This is when I know something is off.
"Okay," Alice smiles.
They start walking.
"Something's not right,"
I whisper to Alice,
She nods,
"I'm gonna go investigate."
I follow Jasper and Bella to the bathroom.
I stand by the door with Jasper and wait.
After ten minutes we both start to get worried.
I walk into the bathroom and look under all the stalls.
They're all empty.
I run out of the bathroom and to Jasper,
"The guys will be here any minute- mom what's wrong?"
He asks looking at me,
"She's gone,"
I whisper,
"What do you mean gone? Where would she go?"
He asks in a panicked voice, I stand there and think for a minute.
The letter,
I pull it out of my pocket and see it's a goodbye letter.
Oh no.
Without saying anything I run away from Jasper and through the doors of the airport,
using my vampire speed to get to the studio as fast as possible.
Bella please be okay.

Alice's POV
I look up from my Vogue to see Jasper running toward me with a very panicked look.
"What's wrong my love?"
I ask,
"Bella, she left to go meet James,"
He answers, I look at him wide eyed.
"Why? Why would she do that?"
"She says that he has her mom, she wrote a goodbye letter to Edward."
He says,
I nod,
"Let me see the paper,"
He hands it to me,
I look to see Bella's handwriting explaining the situation.
She tells Edward that she's sorry, and that she loves him.
I almost miss it but look to see on the bottom of the paper in a much more elegant script is a kind of side goodbye,
I am so sorry, I promised Bella I would always keep her safe. This is me fulfilling that promise.
Don't blame Alice and Jasper, I wrote this faster than they could even see.
I love you so much.
Forgive me, my love,
Forever yours,
I'm frozen, I've forgotten how to talk.
Elaine went to go help Bella, and she knew that this would be the last time any of us would ever see her alive.

Elaine's POV
When I get to the Ballet studio, I smell blood and a lot of it,
I run inside to see Bella on the ground, screaming in pain, holding her leg.
James is standing over her,
"James!" I scream as I run towards them,
I push him into the wall, and we start to fight,
Bella is screaming in agony.
He pushes me so hard that I fly into a window, breaking the glass all around poor Bella.
I sit up to see him leaning down,
He's got her wrist in his hand,
He's going to bite her,
I try to get there in time but he bites her before I can.
I pull him off of her, we start fighting but I can tell by the screams that Bella doesn't have long. She'll be one of us soon. I never wanted that for her.
He tries to punch me, when all of a sudden, a flash of white comes toward us.
The next thing I know Edward is here, wrestling James to the ground.
They begin to snarl at each other, I run to Bella,
She's screaming so loudly that if I were human it would blow my eardrums out.
The venom has gotten to far into her blood stream.
I can hear Edward behind me, James and him are still fighting.
I need save her,
I know if I could cry I would be right now.
"Bella, I'm gonna make it better," I whisper in her ear.
I take a long shaky breath.
I can tell that my love is getting closer by the way my chest doesn't hurt as much anymore.
I want to be selfish,
To wait a couple more minutes, but to do that, I risk Bella's soul.
I hold my trembling hands out over her body, and think about everything that could possible have been hurt.
I can feel my powers draining me,
But I don't mind.
I'm going to die,
And I'm okay with that.
I'm just gonna miss them.
I'm gonna miss them all.
I finishing healing her, and she sits up, trying to catch her breathe.
I smile at her, feeling like maybe I cheated death. I didn't feel too woozy.
Bella smiles,
"Elaine!" I look up to see the love of my life running towards us,
"Carlisle," I breathe out.
I stand up to run to him,
But then I fall,
The last thing I hear before the darkness consumes me is him,
Screaming my name, how can I find peace, in something so tragic?
My last thought is of his lips, and then I let the darkness take my mind.

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