Chapter 20; Sitting in A Dark Room

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Elaine's POV
When we reach Arizona it's dark, thank God.
We walk into the lobby of the hotel.
A young woman sits at the desk.
We wait for her to get our room key than we all walk up to our room.
I plop down on the couch first thing.
Alice and Bella went to the bedroom so she could get some sleep. Jasper sat down on the couch next to me.
"How you feeling, mom?"
He asks.
I shrug,
The burning has not gone away at all, it probably has increased if anything, but I'm starting to get use to it in a weird way.
"I guess I'm okay, how about you? I know it's hard for you to be around Bella,"
He mimics me and shrugs.
I laugh,
"I'll be just fine, I mean, my throat is burning like crazy but I can control myself."
He answers.
I nod, I know he can.
We sit there is silence for a little bit, until Alice comes back out.
"I have a vision,"
She says in a glum way.
I sit up a little,
"What kind of vision?"
I ask,
She sits down on the chair next to the couch.
"I'm not sure really, it was dark, really dark. It's in a room, made out of glass, and I see him. The Hunter in the room."
I raise my eyebrows.
What could this mean?
Where was this room?
We need to find out.
"I'm going to call Carlisle-"
I start but don't get to finish because my phone starts ringing.
I look to see who is calling and frown when I see its Eddie, not Carlisle.
Why would Edward be calling me?

Edwards POV
We lost the tracker!
I give a frustrated sigh.
We all run back to the car.
Once inside, I dial the number of the only person I know that can calm me down.
I wait while the phone rings,
Elaine answers in a pained voice.
"Hey Lane, how are you doing?"
I ask, she must be in a lot of pain and that breaks my heart.
"I'm fine, how are you doing Eddie?"
She answers, I know she's lying.
"Not too good, we lost the tracker,"
I answer.
She sighs.
"How long ago?"
she asks,
I think about it for a second,
"Not long ago, maybe about twenty minutes."
"They lost him?"
I heard Alice say in the background.
"Yes Alice, they lost him."
Elaine says,
"Never send a man to do anything important!"
I hear Alice scream,
"Hey Rose was with us the whole time!"
I yell back,
"Hey don't bring me into this! I told you guys this plan wouldn't work at the beginning! But you didn't listen!"
Rose says from the back,
I roll my eyes.
"Can I talk to her now?"
Carlisle asks eagerly.
I sigh,
So much for a relaxing talk with my sister.
I hold out the phone for him to take.
He takes it,
"My darling, I miss you so much,"
I hear Elaine whisper from the other side of the phone.
"I miss you too, listen, I am coming to get you, and everything is going to go back to normal, and your going to have the wedding of your dreams,"
Carlisle promises her,
I hear Elaine laugh, but it also sounds like if she could cry she would be.
"Please don't be sad, beautiful,"
Carlisle whispers into the phone.
"I'm trying, I really am,"
Elaine whispers back.
"We'll be together soon, please just stay strong beautiful. I will see you soon, I love you."
Carlisle says,
"I love you too,"
Elaine answers.
Then they hang up.
I feel so bad for making them go through all of this. I needed to get them back together as soon as possible.

Elaine's POV
Alice, Jasper and me were watching Impractical Jokers, we have just started the second half of the first season as Bella walk in. She yawned. Probably still tired from her nap.
We all smile at her,
"How are you doing, Bells?"
I ask her, she sits down on the chair and shrugs,
"I'm okay, I mean all things considered,"
I nod and then look back to the TV.
We're all silent for a few more minutes, than I hear Jaspers Panicked voice,
I look over to see Alice looking into the distance, having the longest vision I've ever seen her have.
I grab a piece of paper off of the pad the hotel had on the table and put a pencil in her hand.
She starts to draw a room made out of mirrors. I raise an eyebrow, she finishes the drawing and snaps out of her vision.
I look back to the picture, it looks like some sort of dance studio.
"What does all this have to do with a ballet studio?" I hear Bella ask,
"You know this place?"
Jasper asks in a shocked voice,
"Yeah, it looks exactly like the dance studio I use to go to as a kid, it even has the same picture In the back of the room."
She says pointing to a picture that hung up In the back of the room Alice had just drawn.
I raise an eyebrow,
"Was your studio here in Phoenix?"
I ask,
She nods,
"Yeah it's about a block or two away,"
We're silent for a minute,
The sound of Bella's phone ringing makes us all jump,
She pulls it out of her pocket and then answers it,
She asks,
"Bella?" I hear Edward's voice say.
I sigh, I stand up and look to Alice and Jasper,
"We need to get her away from that Ballet studio,"
I whisper, they both nod in agreement.
"I'm gonna go see if I can get a flight for her and Edward, I'm sure he'll be coming to get her some time really soon."
Alice nods,
"Yes, within the next 18 hours."
I nod back,
"We'll get her stuff together and check out,"
Jasper says,
I walk to the door and step into the hallway.
I google airlines near here and click on the first one.
I call the number that picks up,
The soonest flight that has seats is to Dallas,
I order two tickets and hang up.
I'm about to walk back into the hotel room when my phone rings.
I don't even look at the ID.
I ask,
Carlisle says from the other side of the line. I smile he sounds a lot better than he did before.
"Darling, how are you doing?"
I ask,
It takes him a minute,
"I am getting a lot better now that I'll see you soon."
I smile,
I look to see Bella opening the door with her bags in hand. I smile at her, and she smiles back, but it doesn't reach her eyes. She looks like she's been crying.
"Carlisle, baby, let me call you back in a few minutes. Bells and I are just gonna go downstairs to meet Jasper and Alice,"
"Okay, baby, I love you," he says,
I smile wider.
"I love you too,"
Then we hang up.
Bella and I walk to the elevator in silence,
When we got in she turned to me,
"Yes Bella?" I ask,
She holds out an envelope for me to take,
"What's this?"
I ask while I grab it from her trembling hands.
"It's a letter to my mom, can you please make sure she gets it?"
I smile at her and nod.
"Yes, I will make sure,"
After that we fall into silence again.
It was too quiet,
I should have known something was wrong.

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