Chapter 22; Saying Goodbye, But Never Letting Go.

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Alice's POV
It's been a month.
A month since The baseball game.
A month since Bella cheated death.
And a month since mom, left us forever.
Nothing has been the same ever since then.
We destroyed James and threw him in a fire.
We we're going to put Mom to rest but Carlisle didn't want to burn her.
He said she was too pure for that.
So instead, Edward laid her in a meadow not far from our house.
He put her on our property so that we didn't need to bury her.
Since she was a vampire her body would stay the same forever.
She was still just as beautiful as the day we all met her.
It was hard to believe it was only a few short months ago.
I go to see her in the woods everyday.
So does Edward.
He spends most of his time with Bella.
I think it pains him to be around the family now.
Rosalie doesn't smile at all now. She just scowls.
Emmett and Jasper aren't as rowdy anymore. They're  both just really sad now.
As for Carlisle, no one knows how he's doing really.
He quit the hospital, now he spends most of the time in his study.
What he does in there, I know not.
It's spring now,
And I can remember how Elaine once told me that this was her favorite season.
At least now she'll get to be with the flowers. Who's beauty is nothing compared to hers.

The End....
for now.

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