Chapter 9; It's Christmas

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Elaine's POV
I was laying in my room, thinking about my date with Carlisle.
I was in the middle of remembering when I heard Alice scream,
"It's Christmas!" It made me jump a little but then I laughed. I stood up from where I was sitting on my bed and walked towards my door.
I heard loud knocking on my door.
"Elaine!!!" Alice yelled, I rolled my eyes smiling.
I opened the door to reveal a very excited Alice.
She hugged me, almost making me fall over and then pulled away,
"Merry Christmas!" She held out a little package in her hands. I raised an eyebrow,
"Um, what's this?"
She looked shocked,
"It's a Christmas present of course! What else would it be?"
I laughed, but then it dawned on me, oh God if today was Christmas then-
"And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elaine!!!!" Alice screamed so that everyone in the house could hear it.
I cringed. I hated my birthday.
Loved Christmas.
Hated my birthday, so them being on the same day was like the ultimate curse.all of a sudden I felt a pair of arms around me. I didn't even need to look to know who it was.....
No not Carlisle.
"Hey little bro," I whispered hugging him around his neck. He may have been my baby brother but he has somehow always managed to be taller than me.
"Happy birthday, sissy," he whispered back.
I laughed softly and then said,
"I was hoping you would have forgotten, after all this time."
He pulled away so I could see his face.
"I never forgot." He said sternly. I gave him a small smile. And kissed his cheek.
"Your sweet, Bella is a very lucky girl,"
He laughed a little grabbing the back of his neck and then gave me the whole, 'I'm not gonna date her' speech. He had become quite famous for that in the 24 hours both Bella and I had come to town.
"Elaine? Do you really need to shut me out?" I heard Edward ask, pulling me from my train of thought. I laughed, I was using my shield right now to fight off pesky little brothers who didn't know how to keep their noses in their own business.
"Not true," Edward defended.
Whoops, must had slipped and let him in on accident for that one (;
I sighed,
"Hey can you do me this huge favor?"
I asked, he raised an eyebrow,
"That depends,"
I listened to make sure no one was near by before I began. I knew Carlisle was already at work, cause someone had to work on Christmas and he said it was better that he did it because he would get to spend forever with us.
"Don't tell Carlisle it's my birthday?"
He laughed pushing his head back then smiled.
"Fine, but you have to do something for me too,"
I was scared to know what it was,
"What?" I asked reluctantly.
"I haven't given you your birthday present yet, but it's in the closet. Carlisle will want to spend some time with you when he gets home,"
I nodded waiting for him to get to the point.
"Will you please just wear the present. I think you'll like it. And don't think it's to dressy, we always dress up on Christmas, it's one of Alice's rules."
I smiled at this.
Of course I would wear his present.
I nodded,
"Okay, yeah, just no mention of the birthday,"
I pointed at him. He laughed holding both hands up and said,
"I won't, can't make any promises for Alice though.
I groaned, now I had to go deal with overly excited Alice.
Not good.
I nodded and then said,
"Should I get dressed now?"
Edward was about to answer when I heard Alice run up the stairs and scream,
"I'll help you!"
We both laughed, Edward made his way to the door, but before leaving, he said,
"I know you'll look amazing in it."

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