Chapter Two; Cullens House

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.

Alice's POV
Jasper and I drove just far enough ahead of Elaine so that she couldn't hear us.
It had started to snow.
"So you knew when you asked to leave this morning?" I heard Jasper ask me. I smiled and nodded, jumping up and down in my seat.
"Yes of course I knew.I just didn't want that annoying mind reader to get in the way of the most amazing surprise in the history of surprises." I said, looking out the window at the snow.
"And it just so happens that this surprise comes a day before Christmas."he said with a chuckle.
"Hey, you know everyone decided their future for themselves. I just watch. She was suppose to be her last year." I said defensively.
"Which is why we took the trip to Paris." he laughed.
"Are you saying you didn't like Paris?"
I asked. He smiled shaking his head,
"No I loved Paris. I'm just saying its not fair for you to always be one step ahead of everyone."
I laughed.
"No one said life is fair."

Elaine's POV
I drove behind them at a comfortable distance. Just in case they were talking and didn't want me to hear. I drove thinking about my human life.
I remember everything. The look on my brothers face when he opened up his first sled. His smile when I took him down his first hill. He was six  years younger than me. The last time I saw him was when he was fourteen. I missed him so much. I was so lost in thought that I almost didn't notice when Alice and Jasper pulled into a driveway. Driving down the long drive way the trees were covered with beautiful lights. When we finally got to the house, I parked and looked out.
It was so beautiful.I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Big and white, two stories and I could hear water running as I looked behind to see a river.
"Woah."I whispered.
"Esme will like your reaction." Alice said with a chuckle. Her and Jasper made their way up the porch.
"Ya coming ma'am?" Jasper asked looking back, I laughed,
"Please Mister Jasper, call me Lane. Ma'am just makes me feel old, which I am, but still."
He smirked,
"Are you two slow pokes coming?"
"Yeah. We're coming, Ali."Jasper answered.
We walked into the house. I looked around. I knew my mouth was hanging open. The far wall of the house was made of glass and looked out over the river. An open floor plan made the house look huge, and in the middle of the living room, was a beautiful grand piano.
"It's beautiful."I whispered touching the keys.
"Do you play?" Alice asked,
"Uh yeah, when I was human. I taught my little brother how to play." I said. Alice smiled a little wider. I looked up to see a beautiful woman with long reddish brown hair. She was wearing a purple blouse and black skirt.
"Hello."she said in a sweet voice.
"Esme this is Elaine Mason." Esme raised an eyebrow.
"Yes, nice to meet you ma'am."
"Likewise, you are gorgeous."she said with a smile.

Esme's POV
I walked into the living room and meet one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life.
Elaine. Alice had told me about her.
Now I know what your thinking, why would Alice tell me? Well it's simple. Alice had told me a while ago that Carlisle wasn't my real mate. When I asked her who was she said a man named Derik who we would meet in a years time. I told Carlisle what we Alice had told me, now where Elaine comes in.
If you hadn't figured it out by now she's Carlisle real mate.
Alice told us all this a couple months ago and to not think about any of it in front of Edward. It was hard but we had managed.
Elaine smiled at me, when Alice introduced her, big golden eyes. She had long light brown hair and a long face. Everything about her was perfect. Even by Vampire standards.
Her voice was beautiful.
I looked to the back door hearing someone enter.
Carlisle walks in and stops in his tracks.
The picture on the top is Elaine's outfit when she meets Jasper and Alice

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