Chapter 16; Baseball and Bella Troubles

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Edwards POV
I left through Bella's window at around 7:00 am.
I needed to go home and get some fresh clothes before I picked her up for baseball. I ran home and arrived at around 7:05.
I walked into Elaine's room that was turned into her office.
She was sitting on her desk, her hair down in perfect waves, and a Christmas sweater on.
It had been a few weeks since Christmas, and since Forks has such weird weather, it's going to thunderstorm today!
Elaine was so excited to play Baseball for the first time with the family.
She was also excited to be hanging out with Bella, the got a long very well.
"Hey Eddie are you just going to stand there or are you here to tell me something?"
She asks. I laugh and roll my eyes.
"Yeah, we're gonna play baseball today, you in?"
I ask, she smiles and nods.
"Carlisle told me, already got my White Sox stuff out." I laugh.
"I knew you'd be a Sox fan."
She rolls her eyes.
Than gets up and sits on her bed patting it for me too come sit down next to her.
I walk over and then take the seat next to her.
"So how are you and Carlisle?" I ask.
She shrugs.
"We're good. He got really angry with me the other day, a bird was hurt and I almost- you know. I just forgot. He yelled at me, I just listened, I deserved it."
I nod.
"Is he still mad?"
I ask,
She shrugs again.
"Yeah kinda, I told him that I wouldn't do it again but I don't think he believes me. He's been watching me like a Hawk. This is the first time I've been alone in like three days."
I laugh.
"Sorry to ruin your alone time."
She laughs.
"I rather hang out with you than have alone time."
She smiles.
I smile back.
"Was the bird okay?"
I ask, she frowns.
"No," she sighs, "I couldn't save it, and it was to hurt to recover."
I nod.
"Sorry, Lane. Hey you ready to play some baseball?"
I ask, she smiles up at me.
"Heck yeah I am, let's do this thing!"
I laugh and then go to get ready to leave.

Elaine's POV
Edward leaves my room and I start to get my stuff ready for the game.
I walk to my closet and take out my jacket.
I put in my Chicago White Sox cap and grab my bag from the bed.
Alice meets me in the hall and smiles,
"I can't wait to see what Bella thinks about vampire baseball."
She squeals. I laugh.
"Yeah, I think she'll like it."
We both walk down the stairs and sit in the living room, we have to wait for Carlisle and the rest of the family to come back from hunting, and Edward went to pick up Bella so we're meeting them at the field.
"So have you guys found out anything else about your powers?"
Alice asks suddenly.
I shrug,
"Nope, nothing."
She sighs,
"The visions are getting more and more clear, I have been trying to hide them from Edward but it's getting harder."
I nod,
"Do you know who I use them on yet?"
I ask,
She shakes her head.
"No, but I know whoever it is, it's gonna happen soon, I just can't figure out who it is."
I give her a halfhearted smile,
"Thank you for trying, I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough."
She nods but doesn't look satisfied.
"Yeah I know."
Alice's POV
Elaine and I are sitting in the living room waiting for everyone else to come back from the hunt so we can go to the field.
I'm so frustrated! Why can't I see the details to why Elaine uses her powers?
If I could figure it out maybe I could stop it, I didn't want to loose my mom.
We hear the backdoor open and both of us stand up.
Carlisle walks into the room first and uses vampire speed to go to Elaine.
He's been spending almost all his time holding her, afraid he might loose her at any second.
He's even been taking time off of work.
I can feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist,
"Hey beautiful."
Jasper says with a southern drawl.
I smile.
"Why hello, my cowboy."
He laughs.
"How are you doing?"
I shrug,
"I guess good. I just wish I could see what happens with Elaine." I feel him nod into my shoulder.
"You'll figure it out. You always do,"
Rose walks into the room with Emmett.
I smile at them,
"Hey Rosie."
Rose rolls her eyes at the nickname but laughs. Since Eliane has gotten here, she's been in a much better mood.
"What's up Ali?"
She asks using my nickname.
I can hear Elaine laugh.
I look over to her and she's still in Carlisle grasp. He kisses her neck, and she laughs.

Carlisle's POV
We walked to the cars. Elaine and I were going alone and the others were all going together.
Ever since the first time Elaine and I haven't been able to keep our hands off of each other.
She gets into the passenger side and I into the drivers side.
"How are you feeling?"
I ask,
She laughs,
"I'm a vampire so I'm feeling pretty immortal."
I roll my eyes,
And laugh.
"You know what I mean, like are you feeling any dizziness? Or do you feel like you might black out?"
I ask,
"No, I haven't even used my powers."
I nod.
"I know I'm just checking."
She nods.
"So you excited for baseball, love?"
I ask, she smiles and nods again.
"Yes, very. Eddie and I use to play baseball all the time when we were human."
We pull I'm to the woods and get out.
She is about to take off running towards the field but I stop her.
I pull her into me and kiss her.
She wraps her arms around my neck.
We stand there with our foreheads touching.
"Promise me you won't leave my side today?"
I ask, she sighs.
"Why are you being so protective today?"
She ask back.
I sigh and shrug,
"I just have a bad feeling about today."
She nods.
"I know, I do too. I promise I won't leave your side."
Finally she agrees with me.
"Okay let's go."

Edward's POV
Bella and I drive to the woods that we have to go through to get to the field.
I walk over to her side.
She smiles.
"You ready to play some baseball?"
I ask, she nods.
"I can't wait to see Elaine and everyone."
I laugh.
Elaine and Bella have become so close, they were almost like sisters.
I pull Bella onto my back and began running through the woods.
When we finally reach the field she jumps off, almost falling.
"Are you okay?"
I ask.
She nods and then looks over to where the rest of the family was standing.
Carlisle and Elaine were standing by first base, holding each other like always.
I read Carlisle mind,
Something feels off about today, I can't put my finger on it. I need to keep Elaine close to me.
I wonder what he means by that,
I turn to Elaine's thoughts hoping to learn more.
I hope Bella will be warm enough in that thin jacket. They're so cute together.
I laugh and can't help but roll my eyes in her direction.
She smirks and then says,
"I know. I'm brilliant, but can you please stop looking inside my head?"
Bella even laughs at this.
Elaine runs to us at vampire speed. Carlisle right behind her.
She hugs Bella.
"Long time no see Bells."
She smiles.
Bella gives her an apologetic smile.
"I know. I have been meaning to come and see everyone, but I have been incredibly busy."
Rosalie glares at her, and I growl.
"Can we have just one family outing where you guys aren't at each other's throats?"
Elaine says in a motherly voice.
Then we all hear a crack of lightening followed by the rumbling of thunder.
"It's time."
Alice says as she stands in the pitchers mount.
I smile.
And Bella shifts uncomfortably.
Elaine smiles at her when she sees this.

"Come on dear, you and I will be referees."
She smiles and follows Elaine.
We all get into our positions and the game begins.
Bella and Elaine seem to really be bounding when all of a sudden Alice stops in the middle of a pitch.
"Stop!" She screams.
I read her mind.
Nomads are coming.
And their not friendly.

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