Chapter 7 Part 2; Getting Ready For The Date With Edward

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.
Carlisle's POV
I was nervous to say the least.
If I could sweat I would be right now.
Edward walks into my office.
"Hello son," I mutter so that only he can hear.
"Carlisle, I heard your thoughts, you don't need to worry. She just wants someone who will love and cherish her, I know you will."
He reassured me,
I nodded,
"I will, always."
"Listen Carlisle,"
He said with a serious look,
I sat down on top of my desk and looked at him,
"Tonight, Lane-" he started,
"I mean Eliane is going to tell you some stuff, I beg you not to overreact, some things are hard for her to talk about."
Like what?
I thought, forgetting that I was in a room with someone who could read minds.
"You'll see,"
He answered I nodded.
"Well how bout we get you ready, can't have you taking my sister out in your work clothes,"
I laughed and nodded.
"Okay, what's her favorite color?"
Edward rolled his eyes and walked to the closet that had all my nice shirts.
Ever since Esme and me split I kept my clothes in the office. It was just kinda awkward acting like a couple while we were not longer together. Don't get me wrong I still loved her, but it didn't reach more than a family member.
"She likes grey because it reminds her of home."
Edwards answered pulling out a grey long sleeved shirt. I raised an eyebrow,
"I don't know, I don't think she even knows. Maybe because our mom dressed in a lot of grey, or cause the sky was often that color."
I nodded,
I took the shirt and changed into it, Edward smiled.
"Do I look okay?" I asked running a hand through my hair.
He laughed,
"Elaine,runs her hands through her hair all the time,"
I shook my head smiling,
"You'll do fine Carlisle, you look great."
"Thank you, now one more question,"
Edward raised an eyebrow,
"What are her favorite flowers?"
Edward laughed again.
"She loves Roses, they were our mothers favorites, you know those Rose earrings she was wearing today?"
Edward asked, I nodded, they were quite lovely,
"Those were our mothers."
I smiled at him, putting a hand on his shoulder.
"I know you miss your mother,"
He nodded.
"You know I do but I didn't that much until I saw Elaine again, it's probably because she looks so much like mom used to look."
"Well then your mother was beautiful,"
He smiled at me,
"That she was, and Elaine is just like her,"
I nodded.
Then started to walk towards the door, before I left I heard Edward mumble,
"Happy flower shopping,"
I smirked.

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