Chapter 5; Where Have You Been All This Time?

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Alice's POV
I made Jasper go to school with Edward, so he could call me during lunch and tell me how he was doing with Bella. I was so happy for him! After a hundred years, he found his mate, and sister! And in one day! Talk about the most amazing Christmas ever!!!
"Alice? Do we have to listen to this music?" I heard Elaine say from the passenger seat.
The song, "Our Song" by Taylor Swift was playing.
"What don't like Taylor?" I asked
"No it's not that. I've just heard it so many times! And plus it feels like a sin not to be listening to Christmas Music right now."
She responded. I nodded then changed the channel till I heard Jingle bells. Then I started to ask as many questions as possible.
"So.... When's your birthday?" I asked,
She smiled and answered
"December 25." I looked at her and squealed, she jumped up and yelled
"Jesus, Alice! You can't do that to me!"
"Sorry, it's just so soon! And on Christmas! Now I have to make it extra special!"
She laughed.
"Does that mean I can stay with you guys till Christmas!" She asked. I gave her a funny face and then said,
"Honey, you can stay with us forever. You're family!"
She smiled wider.
"Thank you, Alice. You don't know how much that means to me."
With all the sappy talk I almost forgot something.
"Now! To talk about what you are going to wear to your date tonight!"
"I'm sure you're the one who's gonna pick that out."she answered.
I laughed as I pulled into the campus parking.
"Finally! Someone who doesn't put up a fight when I try to dress them nicely!" She laughed.
"So shall we go?" I asked as I parked the car. She nodded, and we walked to begin our tour.

Eliane's POV
After Alice and I's tour, which I really didn't pay attention to, we went and sat by this pretty little lake. If we were humans then it would have been freezing out, but since we weren't effected by temperature. It was amazing.
"So tell me more about yourself, Elaine." Alice said from my right. I shrugged and looked down at my pale hands.
"Not much to tell, I grew up in a normal house. Edward always followed me like a shadow. The year before I was turned I was forced to marry a man that I didn't really get along with for advantage. I soon became pregnant," my voice got smaller as I talked about this.
"So you had a child?" Alice asked voice full of wonder,
"Yes. I would have, but when I was turned, you see, I was still-" I stopped not being able to finish. Alice must have caught on, she squeezed my hand.
"You would have been a marvelous mother." she whispered.
"Thank you." I whispered back.
"I had always thought of the child as a girl. That's what I hoped for at least."
She nodded.
Then asked,
"Did you have any names picked out?"
I nodded and whispered,
She smiled,
"That's a beautiful name."
"Yeah, my husband didn't think so."
"What was he like? If you don't mind me asking." she asked.
I smiled.
"Um, he was well, evil." I shrugged not knowing what to say,
"Evil?" She said with a laugh.
"That's probably not a fair description. He was like any man. I just didn't have a fair comparison."
She gave me a confused look,
"What do you mean?"
"My father was an amazing man. When I got married I thought I would marry someone as amazing as him, but that was not the case. I married a man named Harry Miller. He was young ambitious, owner of his own company."
"What did his company do?"
"Packing company. I didn't really know much about his work. He worked long hours. Was stressed a lot. Drank, and when he drank he got violent."
I shook my head.
"The night I was turned, I was taking a walk, I was around five months pregnant. He was drinking as usual, and he had hit me, just once across the face. Gave me a horrid black eye."
Alice winced.
"Anyways, I took the walk around nine, and I knew I wasn't suppose to be out. I walked through an alley as a shortcut home. I remember being cold, and it was dark. The man came out of no where. He had this long blonde hair that was put back in a long ponytail. His eyes were as dark as night. He almost sucked me dry. I don't know why he didn't."
I shook my head.
"I laid in the alley for three days. Trying to stay as silent as possible. No one came around, on the count of it being so cold."
"And the baby?" She asked.
I shrugged.
"Was never born. Frozen. I watched my stomach shrink. I had my hand on it, the entire time."
I wish I could cry right now. Cause if I could, I would be sobbing.
"Elaine, I'm so sorry."Alice whispered. I smiled up at her with sad eyes.
"It's not okay, but I'm fine."
I said trying my best to hold myself together.
"After I was changed, I was blood crazy, but I didn't let myself slip. I didn't want to be a monster. I knew what I was. I had heard legends. I started hunting animals right away. After a couple years, when I gained self control, I went back, but by then, my brother and parents were supposedly dead, and my husband had moved on. He had married a pretty little lady that used to be his secretary and had two kids with her. The kids were gorgeous, of course all kids are. I prayed for that woman everyday. Hoping he didn't beat her also. After that I traveled for a while. Looked for information on what happened to my family. I thought they all died from the influenza. I was wrong of course. I did a lot of reading, writing. Tried to find myself,it was no use. I was lonely, but didn't want to trust anyone. I traveled to almost everywhere in the world. Then I started looking for a place to settle. That's when I met you and Jasper. Here I am." I smiled. She smiled back.
"Well, I hope that you stay with us for a long time."
"I'm sure I will Ali."
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