Chapter 14; Meeting Bella and Learning the Future

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Carlisle's POV
Today was the day that we would be meeting Bella. I was a little nervous about how Jasper would take it, but Alice reassured me that everything will turn out just fine.
Alice was helping Elaine move all of her stuff into my room, but she still loved her room so much that we turned it into her office.
I was putting on a tie when I felt my phone vibrate,
I looked at the caller ID
Why would she be calling me?
"Hello?" I asked,
"Carlisle, this is Esme, I was just calling to make sure that all is well over there?"
I nodded but realized she couldn't see me.

"Everything is great, how about over by you?"
It took her a second but then she said,
"Carlisle, I would like to invite you, Elaine, and the kids to my mate, Derik and I's wedding."
I smiled, she's moving on, good for her!
"We would love to come! When is it going to be?"
"April 12, we wanted it to be soon, we can't wait to just settle down."
"Okay, I'll tell Elaine, and the kids,"
"Are you going to be settling down soon?"
She asked, I smiled,
"I asked her the other night actually,"
"Well congratulations, Carlisle, do you have a date yet?"
She asked.
"Not yet, I'll let you know," I answered.
We said our goodbyes and than hung up.
I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I smiled.
"Where have you been Miss Elaine?" I asked in a cheerful voice,
"Dressing for the occasion, I am meeting my brothers true love today,"
I turned around with her arms still around me to see what she had on.
"Woah," I whispered. She was wearing this long sleeved white blouse, and a short dark blue skirt. It looked classy but also very sexy.
"Do I look momish?" She asked, I laughed, I  picked her up and set her on my desk, I stood in between her legs,
"Very momish," I said as I kissed her lips. She smiled.
"I love you so much," she whispered.
"And I love you,"
We kissed again, then we head some knocking on the door,
"Knock knock," Alice said cheerfully, Elaine smiled,
"What's up Alice?"
"She'll be here any minute."
I nodded and walked over to the closet grabbing a grey jacket.
"Carlisle, can I talk to Elaine alone for a moment?" Alice asked,
I raised an eyebrow,
"About what?"
"It's just something I saw her picking out for the wedding, now shoo!"
She pushed me out the door and shut it even before I could protest. I walked into the kitchen and started to prepare a meal for our new human friend.

Elaine's POV
"Alice can you make this quick, I really should be helping Carlisle in the kitchen."
Alice gave me a stern look that let me know that this wasn't about a wedding decision.
"Alice what is it?"
She sat down on the sofa, and started to dry sob, I sat down next to her,
"Shh, sweetie, whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be alright,"
I whispered. She hugged me around the waist,
"No it won't, not this time,"
I squinted in confusion.
"What did you see Alice?" I asked,
What could be so horrible?
"I saw you, using your power again, and then passing out,"
I nodded, what was so bad about that?
"Okay, that's normal, why are you so upset Ali?"
She let out another dry sob.
"The next time you use your powers, I didn't see you wake up."
I went wide eyed.
It sounded like she said I am going to die,I had wanted to for so long, but now that it was finally becoming a possibility I didn't want it.
"So I'm gonna die." I whispered,
She shook her head violently,
"No, I won't let it happen mom, you just can't use your power until we find out what's going on."she said through her tears.
"Okay, we'll figure it out, for now don't think about it around Eddie. We don't want to worry the others, we're all so stressed already with this Bella thing and the nomads, this will stay between you and me."
She nodded then smiled a little at me.
"Okay, let's go help Carlisle cook, I bet he has no idea what he's doing." I laughed and nodded following her out of the office and to the kitchen.

Carlisle's POV
I put some of the canned sauce into the pan, I have no idea what I'm doing.
"Need some help, honey?" I heard a beautiful voice say,
I looked to see Alice and Elaine standing there. Alice grabbed two aprons from the hooks by the doorway and handed one to Elaine.
They both seemed to be a little off, but I let it slide I would talk to Elaine about it later.
"We've come to rescue you." Alice smiled.
I laughed,
"Thank goodness for that." Elaine took some vegetables out from the fridge and started to chop them up, sometime in between this and Bella coming, Alice took Jasper to hunt, and Emmett and Rose came in to help us with the food.
Elaine and I were watching how to prepare a kind of pasta on the food network when we smelt Bella.
"Woah." Emmett said,
"Stay away from that."
Elaine giggled and continued to cook,
Finally Edward walked into the kitchen with Bella.
"Edward, son." I smiled greeting him.
Emmett was waving with a big knife, Elaine slapped him lightly on the arm, but laughed again.
"Carlisle, you know Bella."
He gestured to the girl. I nodded and wiped my hands on my jeans. I walked over and shook Bella's hands,
"You already know Rose and Emmett."
Edward continued, gesturing to the two of them. They both gave small nods.
"Nice to see you again." Bella whispered,
"And finally, this is my older sister, Elaine."
He said pointing to my beautiful mate.
Elaine walked over to them giving Bella a hug,
"Call me Lane." She smiles.
"It's nice to meet you Lane." Bella said with a smile.
All of a sudden there was a thud, we all turned to look.
Alice and Jasper both jumped in through the window. Elaine smiled.
Alice said happily.
She hugged Bella,
Edward gave her a really confused look,
"You do smell nice."
Alice said trying to compliment her.
"Alice?" Edward asked , with a little laugh,
Elaine laughed next to me,.
Jasper stood there tensely.
"It's okay Jasper, you won't hurt her."
I rolled my eyes and smiled at this, but the good first impression ended when Elaine said,
"We made you Italian food."
"Gave us an excuse to use the kitchen."
I added,
"She already ate."
Edward muttered. I heard glass break, but I didn't need to look to see what it was Rosalie was standing there with a broken glass bowl on the floor in front of her.
Elaine gave her a very motherly look.
"Are we just gonna ignore the risks of what is going on here?!" She asked tensely.
"I won't tell anyone."
Bella reassured us.
Emmett cut in and said,
"Yeah but with you two becoming public and all."
"Emmett." Elaine stopped him before he could continue.
"I'm just saying we don't want any trouble if she disappears."
Emmett muttered.
"He mean-" I started.
"If I become the meal," Bella answered with a sly smile.
I laughed and so did Elaine.
"No nothing like that." I reassured her,
"Okay, well I'm gonna go give her a tour of the house."
Edward said. we all nodded, and they both walked out towards the stairs.
"Clean this up." Elaine said pointing to the glass bowl and Rosalie,
"Now." she added.
Rose's expression softened and she started to clean.
I grabbed Elaine's hand and lead her outside to the woods.
"Hunt, and then talk?"I asked.
She nodded.
Then we both ran to look for something to drink from.

Elaine's POV
After drinking from a mountain lion, which I felt bad about cause I couldn't heal them, I started walking to where Carlisle and I were meeting.
I felt arms being put around me. I smiled and hugged Carlisle.
"Are you okay? You seem tense."
He whispered.
I know I told Alice I would wait but I can't keep things from Carlisle.
"I don't know."
"What happened? Please tell me."
I sighed.
"Alice saw something. It was me, the next time I use my powers."
I whispered, he nodded.
I didn't know how to say what I needed to say, what If he got mad.
"I pass out again, and it would seem that I don't wake up."

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