Chapter 15; Trying to Find Answers

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Elaine's POV
Carlisle and I aren't talking at the moment, so I'm taking drastic measures. He always says how much he likes my brown hair. So while he's hunting, I'm sitting here with a blonde box of hair dye smudged into my hair.
So if you couldn't guess why we're not talking the answer is very simple.
We got into a fight about me using my powers.
I told him I would do what had to be done in a time of need.
He went ballistic, saying that I couldn't do that to this family. I roll my eyes even thinking about it. Still I couldn't help but finally feel loved.
"Hey, how's the color coming?"
Alice asked as she walked into the bathroom connected to my room.
"Good. I think, is you know who back yet?"
I ask.
She laughs and shakes her head.
"Nope, he won't be back for at least twenty more minutes."
I nod. then say,

"Good, it'll be done by then, no going back."
She laughs.
"Why did you pick this shade of blonde?"
She asks,
I smile and then whisper,
"It was the color of my moms hair."
She smiles back at me in the mirror and we just stand there for a second.
After a while we start to talk again about anything and everything that's going on.
Finally while I'm washing the dye out we talk about Bella and Edward,
"So you see her as one of us?" I ask. I can see Alice nod through the shower door. Call it weird that she's standing there while I shower, but it's not like that at all. I'm like her mother.
"Yes, they will be together very soon."
I nod this time.
I finally have washed all the hair dye out. I jump out of the shower and grab the towel.
Alice has turned around by now.
I quickly dress and then Alice pulls out a hairdryer.
She begins drying my hair. Towards the end she makes me close my eyes.
When I hear the dryer turn off, Alice gasps.
"Oh my."she whispers,
"You look just like the pictures I saw of your mother."
I open my eyes and look in the mirror.
It's my turn to gasp now. I do look like her, just like her, and I love it.
"Alice, I love it." I whisper.
She smiles obviously pleased with my reaction.
Then frowns,
"How mad do you think Carlisle is going to be?"
I frown at this too, then shrug.
"Not sure, guess we'll have to fine out."
She continued to frown I take her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze.
"It'll be okay."
She smiles and nods,

Carlisle POV
I'm running through the woods alone. I haven't been talking much in the past two days.
Not even to Elaine.
I just sit there and stare at her the whole time were together.
She wants to endanger her life just to use her power. It angers me, but a little voice in my head says,
"She can use it to help others."
And I know it's true.
I just don't want it to be.
I'm almost home.
As I make my way to the back door, I see Edward sitting outside on the steps writing in one of his journals.
"Hey you okay?"
I ask, he usually writes in them when he's upset about something.
"Yeah. Fine, just remembering things I wish I didn't."
I nod. Then take a seat next to him. No matter how upset I was, I had to be there for my kids.
"What kind of things?"
I ask.
He sighs.
"My mother, my father, Elaine when she was alive, she was a lot different, but a lot the same."
I raise an eyebrow.
"How was she different?"
I ask, he shrugs.
"She had different color eyes for one thing."
He chuckled, I laughed.
"What else?" He asks,
He sits there thinking for a second then smiles,
"She use to love apples, and she use to play the piano all the time, like 24/7."
I smile.
"Do you think she'll play for us?"
I ask, he shakes his head.
"Probably not. She told me she hasn't played since my mom died. That's who taught her."
I nod, I understood.
I walked back in the house and to my study to try and learn more about Elaine's power.

Elaine's POV
After I dyed my hair I put on a short black dress with gold trim on the sides. (dress in the picture)
I was walking downstairs to see if Carlisle had returned and if this would finally make me talk to him. I walk down the stairs but stop. No one is in the front room, the piano is standing there in all its glory.
I walk over to it.
I stand there for a second, staring at the black and white keys.
I finally find the will to sit down on the bench. Then I find my hands laying on the keys. Before I know it, I'm playing.
I play a very long song my mom taught me, I forgot the name a long time ago, but I think it's one of Beethoven's.
When I finish I sit there for a second, breathing harder than before even though it's not necessary.
For the first time in what seems like forever,
I feel human.
I smile, then hear clapping.
I turn my head to see Eddie standing there.
He claps for a couple minutes, and I'm just smiling at him like an idiot.
I laugh and then say,
"Did you like the concert?"
He rolls his eyes,
"Very much so, I though you said you don't play anymore?"
He raises an eyebrow,
Now I roll my eyes.

"I don't, I just- I felt like I needed to."
He nodded,
"I know how you feel when I'm playing I almost feel human."
He whispers.
I nod. Edward and I are alike in a lot of ways.
"Hey when are Carlisle and you going to stop being so damn immature and talk to each other again?"
He asks.
I frown, I knew he was going to say something like that.

"Mature is overrated."
I whisper,
He gives out a frustrated sigh,
"Can you play another one?" He asks,
I laugh, he use to do this when we were human. We would sit at the piano for hours. When we weren't there we were doing something outside.
"Earth to Elaine."
I hear Edward say, he waves his hand in front of my face, I look at him,
"Sorry just lost in memories."
He nods,
"Mom died today."
He whispers I nod back. If we could cry we would be.
"Yeah, I know."
I whisper back.
"You okay?"
I nod,
"Yeah, hey has Carlisle come in yet?"
I ask,
He nods and looks over to the door to Carlisle's office.
"He's gonna flip when he sees what you've done to your hair."
Edward laughs.
I roll my eyes.
"That's the whole point."

Carlisle's POV
I can smell Elaine close, than Edward. I hear music coming from the piano,
Edward must be playing.
I look at the clock.
In two hours Bella would be here to hang out with the family,
I sigh, time to put on my happy face.
A knock at the door interrupts my thoughts.
"Come in." I say, knowing who it is.
Elaine opens the door, but I'm not looking up.
"Hello Carlisle."
She says in a formal way, this would usually hurt my feelings but I'm so angry with her that it doesn't even faze me.
"Hello Eliane, what can I do for you?"
I ask,
"Hmm, well you can start by looking at me."
She starts, I sigh, I know if I look her in the eyes I won't be able to resist her, that's why I have been avoiding her.
I look up, and I'm shocked.
She's standing there in nothing but her underclothes, but that's not what I'm shocked about,
Her beautiful brown hair, has been release by a still beautiful shade of blonde.
I frown, knowing that she did this just to anger me.
"Really Elaine?" I ask,
"What are you talking about?"
I sigh, frustrated, I stand up trying to keep my hands in the fists their held in.
She stands there innocently.
"What have I done to deserve this silent treatment doctor?"
She asks, I stand in front of her.
"You know what you did."
I whisper looking to the side of her,
"Hey, look at me." She whispers. I shake my head. She grabs my chin and pulls it so I have to look at her.
"I know you're scared."
She continues in a low whisper.
"I wouldn't have to be scared if you weren't so stubborn. If you never use your powers than it can never hurt you."
I say, she nods,
"I know, and I promise you I won't, unless I absolutely have to. Please just let that be enough."

Looking into her eyes like that I know I am going to give in.
I look down at her body,
"I don't know."
I whisper.
She nods,
"Then please talk to me, we'll figure it out together."
I sigh but nod,
I pull her into me, not being able to control my urge to touch her any longer.
Her skin is cool like my own.
I kiss her, lifting her up, she wraps  her legs around me, and I carry her over to the desk.
We deepen the kiss and I push her down.
"I love you so much!" She breathes.
"Oh I love you too baby."
I kiss her neck, then she starts pulling my shirt off and than my pants.
Only with Eliane could I feel so amazing

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