Chapter 10; Christmas and Carlisle

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Edward's POV
I couldn't not give that dress to Elaine. It was too perfect for her. She looked just like our mother, except for mom had lighter hair. I shook my head trying not to think about my human life, but then my mind just went to Bella, she smelled amazing. She was just a small fragile human girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. I tried to pay attention to the movie that Emmett and Rose were watching as we all sat on the couch. They were both dressed to the nines.
Rose in a beautiful red dress that flowed all the way to the ground. She had a light layer of make up that consisted of red lip stick and velvet eyeshadow.
Emmett was in a tux that had an undershirt that was the same color as her dress.
I looked down at my own attire, I was wearing a dark grey shirt with a emerald green shirt under it. I looked back at the tv. Frosty the Snowman ran across the tv. Rose smiled at it and then at Emmett. Eliane and her had become very close in the last day, it was probably because both of their dreams was to have children of their own, and that dream was taken from both of them.
It made me angry, three of the best woman I've ever met, Esme, Elaine and Rose, wanted children so badly but couldn't have them.
Esme, I missed her, she had left this morning after wishing us all a Merry Christmas and promising to visit soon.
Even Esme and Elaine got along amazingly.
"Edward, are you okay man?"
I heard Emmett ask.
I looked towards them, they both had concerned looks on their faces, I smiled and nodded.
I could hear Alice and Elaine talking and listening to Christmas music up stairs.

Alice's POV
It was already late afternoon, Carlisle was coming home at 5:30.
Elaine and I had just gotten back from hunting. She didn't even get any blood on her clothes! My new mom/sister rocked! Okay that sounds a little weird, sooner or later I was either gonna have to pick, mom or sister,
She felt like a sister most of the time. I helped her dress like I would Rose, but other times she felt like a mom. I decided to go with mom. She would be married to Carlisle very soon, after all. (;
Elaine and I walked back into her room from our little hunting trip. We had decided that it would be best to go hunting then come back and put on our fancy clothes.
Elaine zipped my dress in the back and smiled in the mirror behind me. I smiled with her.
She was still wearing her jeans and sleeveless top from last night, the blazer spread out on the bed seeing she doesn't get cold.
"You look amazing Ali,"
I smiled and then said,
"Is it okay if I, Ya know-" I tried but the question just came out awkward.
She laughed.
"Of course beautiful. I would love it if you called me mom."
I turned and hugged her tight, even though I really didn't want my dress to get wrinkled.
"Alright, mom," I tried saying it, she laughed again, "time for you to put on Eddie's present,"
She smiled and nodded.
I clapped my hands skipping over to the closet. I pulled out the dress bag, unzipping it.
"Is that-" she whispered in a hushed tone.
I nodded, I knew exactly what Edward had gotten her, and I knew she would absolutely love it.

Elaine's POV
I walked over to the closet where Alice was holding the unzipped dress bag up. I was shocked, I saw the blue silky material, and intricate gold patterns around the sleeves and waist.
"It's- Oh My, where did he get it?" I asked looking at Alice, knowing I would be crying if I could right now.
It was my mothers dress, the one she wore every year on Christmas, I remembered it like it was yesterday. My birthday and Christmas were always a joyous event in the house. Mom made she no one forgot it was my birthday, and always gave me something extra.
I missed her so much, I made a kind of choking noise and Alice nodded, setting the dress on the bed and then wrapped her arms tightly around me, knowing I was getting emotional.
We stood there for a minute, then she whispered,
"You ready?"
I nodded and then realized that she couldn't see me because we were hugging,
"Yeah," I whispered back.
We separated, she held up the dress excitedly. I hoped I could look at least half as good as my mom did in the beautiful dress.

Carlisle's POV
I had just gotten home from work, I was already in the tux Alice had told me to wear tonight for Christmas.
I was greeted by Edward,
"Hello, Carlisle,"
He said with a small smile on his face,
"Son," I nodded, he looked at me for a second then asked to see me in my office,
He followed me in and shut the door behind me.
"What's going on son?" I asked, Edward pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Carlisle," he started with a sigh,
"I just- this girl at school, she's really bothering me. I think that after today, I should go away for a while," he muttered.
I nodded understandingly.
"Where will you go?"
I prayed that it wouldn't be far for the sake of my Elaine. She just found him and now she was gonna loose him again.
"Not far, don't worry, I'll call her everyday,"
He said reading my mind.
I nodded again.
"What about going to visit the Denali's? That's always fun."
I suggested.
He smiled a little, then nodded,
"Yes, that could be just what I need. Tanya might get a little annoying but I can deal with it. I just need to get away from Bella's blood for a while."
He explained.
"The girl has a name now?" I asked,
He rolled his eyes and I laughed. Maybe Alice was right, maybe she was his mate. I turned to my book shelf to look for Elaine's present when I heard Edward mutter,
"Yeah, maybe she was right,"
After he left I stood in my office looking at what I had gotten Elaine.
I really hope she liked it.
I was sitting down at my desk when Alice came skipping in.
"Carlisle," she said with a nod,
I laughed,
"Alice, what can I do for my beautiful daughter on Christmas?"
She giggled a little,
"I just thought you would like to know when Elaine's birthday is,"
I raised an eyebrow and chuckled.
"Sure, I love learning new stuff about her,"
She smiled and then started to say
"It's-" but she didn't get to finish, there was a knock on the door.
"Who is it?" I asked but I didn't need to, I could smell her.
"Carlisle it's Elaine, can I borrow Alice for a second, she's about to share some dangerous information!"
She yelled through the door. I walked over to open the door, standing on the other side was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
She wore a beautiful blue and gold dress, her long brown hair dropped down her right shoulder. It was pinned back on the other side and laid in loose curls.
Her face was perfect with pink full lips. She wore nude eyeshadow and light eyeliner.
I smiled and then said,
"And what might that be?"
She frowned looking over to Alice,
"Eliane's birthday is-"
Eliane cut her off,
"No big deal, I'm not even getting any older I'll be twenty forever it doesn't matter,"
"It's today!"
Elaine rolled her eyes at Alice's excitement.
"Really?" I asked, I really wish I would have known sooner, I could have planned ahead.
"Yes!" Alice screamed and then began to skip out of the room,
"My work here is done," I heard her say cheerfully.
I looked to Elaine,
"Evil pixie," she mumbled under her breath.
I laughed,
"Why didn't you tell me today was your birthday, my love,"
She shrugged,
"I've never been the birthday type, it was always my mother who made a big deal out of it, I always tried not to,"
I nodded,
"I understand but I do wish you would have let me know," she sighed and then nodded,
"You're right I should have, I'm sorry dear, I just think we should focus on Christmas this year,"
I smiled, she was so selfless.
"I love you," I whispered, she smiled back at me then made her was towards me. She kissed me roughly on the lips, I kissed her back, then leaning on my desk she wrapped her legs around me, the clothe of her dress bunched up around her thighs.
I turned around holding her and laid her on the desk, she smiled up at me, kissing her again I felt her start to reach for the buttons on my shirt.
It was a wonderful moment until, there was a knock on the door,
"Carlisle?" I heard Rose say, I frowned, Elaine saw this and giggled at me,
"Yes, Rose?" I answered, I was now holding Eliane against the desk.
"Um, Alice says it's time for festivities, whatever that means,"
Rose responded in a slightly irritated voice,
Elaine smirked at this then answered this time,
"We'll be there in a moment, I just need to finish talking to Carlisle about a few things,"
Rose snickered, then we heard Emmett say,
"Talk my ass,"
We both laughed at this.
"Okay, I'll see you guys in there, maybe," Rose added before they both started walking back to the living room.
Elaine smiled at me laughing.
"You are so beautiful when you laugh,"
She then kissed me.
"C'mon, it's time for some festivities,"
I laughed when she said this.
Then I helped her up and we walked out to have a family Christmas.

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