Chapter 3, Meeting Your Mate

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.
Carlisle POV
I walked into the house after getting a text from Alice, saying it was urgent. I walked to  the living room. There standing by the piano was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life.
She was talking to Esme, smiling shyly as she tucked a long lock of her beautiful brown hair behind her ear.
"Carlisle! Finally!" I heard Alice yell towards me. I smiled warmly at her.
"Well Alice you told me not to bring E-" I started but she stopped me.
"She doesn't know yet!" She screamed. I looked at the young girl who had raised an eyebrow.
"What don't I know?" She asked looking to Alice,
Jasper sent a wave of calm through the room to ease my own anxiety at meeting my mate. I smiled thanking him which he answered with a nod.
"So shall we go into the dinning room and talk? I'm afraid my daughter hasn't been telling you everything you need to know, Miss."
She smiled a little and you could tell that if she was human she would be blushing.
"Please call me Elaine, Elaine Mason." she said in a sweet voice that sounded like bells.
"Elaine. What a beautiful name." I whispered.
"Thank you, and I assume that you are Carlisle?" She asked, looking into my eyes.
"That I am. Carlisle Cullen at your service."
She smiled and then said,
"I have heard great things about you Mister Cullen." I raised an eyebrow.
"Really? Where did you hear these great things?"
"Irina Denali, from Alaska. Tanya and her say your family is a wonderful peaceful clan, and that you are mainly responsible for that." I smiled,
"Well I can't take all the credit. My ex wife and friend Esme here is just as important as I am." I said looking to Esme. She smiled, then said,
"Carlisle, I doubt that is true. This family would fall apart without your guidance."
I smiled more.
"As it would with out you, dear." I placed a hand on her cheek.
Esme smiled. Then, looked to Elaine,
"We would love if you joined us for our family meeting."
"Yes, ma'am I would love to."
I looked over to Esme raising an eyebrow,
"Shall we?" I asked gesturing towards the dinning room. She nodded and we all walked in and sat down at the long glass table Esme and I had purchased from Brazil around a century ago.
"Your table is very beautiful." I heard Elaine mumble.
"Thank you, dear. We got it from Brazil a little less than a century ago." Esme answered back as she sat cross from Elaine. I sat down next to her, making sure to give her enough space; but, I yearned to be close to her.
"Where are the boys? they were suppose to be here ten minutes ago." Alice whined.
"Probably screwing around like they always do." I heard Rosalie say back from the doorway, she smiled when she saw Elaine.
"My apologies. I did not know we were expecting company." Rose said,
"It's fine. Nothing I haven't heard before." Elaine replied shyly.
Rose smiled at her.
Rose never smiles at Anyone.

Eliane's POV
I knew Carlisle was my mate. He was so gorgeous; with slick back blonde hair. He was wearing a light blue silky button up shirt. I could feel him staring at me as I talked to the beautiful girl named Rose. She seemed nice.
Alice was hiding something from me. I didn't get to wonder for long because all of a sudden she shrieked.
"Their here!" I turned to the door to see a huge guy that looked like a teddy bear, and then a more lanky boy with bronze hair and a familiar face. He quickly looked up meeting my eyes, then I knew.

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