Chapter 6; Talking about Relationships with your brother

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.
Elaine's  POV
Alice an I drove home talking about much lighter topics,
Like our favorite bands,
Hers was the Runaways, and mine was just the singer Johnny Cash.
Then we talked about hottest actors in our opinions, and that led to Carlisle,
Which one would think she would be uncomfortable with since he is her father.
"He may be like a father to me but he is a very good looking man, and you two would be adorable together."
I laughed when she said that.
When we pulled up to the house, it was snowing again, everyone was just getting home from school. Edward stood by his Volvo.
"He wants to talk to you," Alice whispered, "alone." I nodded. I walked slowly, waiting for the others to go inside.
"It's still so weird seeing you standing there, after so many years of thinking you dead."he said, his Chicago accent apparent. I smirked at the ground.
"Don't get me wrong, I like it." I walked in front of him, laughing.
"And I like seeing you."I answered,
"Now we're finally alone." he smiled, I sat on the railing of the porch.
"Yes, it seems we are. What's up?" I asked.
"Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I mean,with everything you told Alice today." he said both eyebrows raised. I rolled my eyes and shrugged.
"Yeah. You know, I am never gonna be use to the whole mind reading thing."
"Neither will I." he answered, which made me laugh again.
"I missed that." I heard him mutter.
"What?" I asked.
"The sound of your laughter."
I smiled at him widely.
"Well I missed your corny jokes, little bro."
He chuckled,and then pretended to be offended.
"Corny! My jokes weren't corny!"
"Oh okay. Your right, they were strokes of genius."
He rolled his eyes.
"Like yours are any better."
It was silent for a second.I looked up at the cloudy sky. Then said,
He raised an eyebrow,
"Ugh, c'mon Eddie, you know I want to know about the girl!" I whined.
He groaned and then said,
"Nothing to tell."
Bullshit." I said back quickly.
"What's that suppose to mean?" This time his voice was a little cold.
"Easy little bro. I'm just stating the obvious. I mean c'mon you can read it all over your face! Do you love her?"
He rolled his eyes.
"I just met her and I nearly killed her, I don't think I would call that love."
"Really? But you didn't. I mean kill her."
"No, I managed not to do that." he answered tensely. I nodded.
"That's a start."
"What about you sis?"
I raised an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"
"Don't play dumb with me." he smirked.
"Not playing anything."
"You so are. Carlisle and you have a date together tonight." he said,
"That's not your business." I answered back, turning back to the sky.
"Really? The last time I checked, you and I don't have or own business."
I laughed at this. It was true, we never hid anything from each other. He knew everything from Harry hitting me, which he was too young and small to stop at the time, to the baby, who he was so excited for.
"I was you know,"I looked to him, his face looked sad,
"excited, to be an uncle,"
I nodded,
"I know." I whispered.
"I was excited to be a mom."
"You would have been a great mom."
I smiled. Then Emmett walked out.
"Hey Eddie, Elaine."he said nodding to each of us. I laughed at Edwards face.
"Don't call me that." he growled.
"What? She calls you that!" Emmett whined.
"She is my older sister, I don't really have much say in what she calls me."
He said frowning at me.
"Hey don't frown, just remember, I changed your diapers, mister. Don't act all cool around me!" I yelled pointing at him.
Emmett laughed and Edward put his hands up in defense.
"That is awesome!"
"Oh hey, the reason I'm out here is to tell Elaine that Alice needs you to start getting ready for your date."
I smile. And jumped off the railing. I winked at Edward and walked into the house.
Good sibling time. I thought to myself.
"I agree!" I heard Edward mutter. I smirked and ran upstairs.

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