Chapter 8; The Date

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Elaine's POV
I looked in the mirror, Alice was so good at making people look good!
I didn't even look like vampire me. I looked like just me.
"Are you ready for this?" I laughed at her and nodded
"As ready as I'll ever be."
She gave me an encouraging smile, and then opened the door leading to the hallway. I stood there for a second, looking at it, and with a deep breath and followed her. She left me when we got to the stairs. I started to walk down them, Edward was standing on one of them looking up at me smiling.
"You look beautiful."
He whispered.
If I could blush, I would.
"Thank you." I whispered.
"Hey before you go, there's something that's been bothering me."
He said. I raised an eyebrow.
"Okay so you know I can read minds," he started. I nodded.
"Go on," I was anxious to get to Carlisle.
"Well, this may sound weird, but; sometimes I can read your mind and sometimes I can't. Like when you first got here, I couldn't but now, I can."
He explained. I wanted to laugh.
"Really? That's all you wanted to know? I thought you were gonna ask something way more complicated."
He raised an eyebrow.
"You know why?" I nodded this time laughing.
"Yes. I'm a shield, sometimes I leave my mind open so you can read it, and other times I leave it closed." I explained.
He paused for a second.
Then said,
"I didn't know you had a gift."
I shrugged.
"It's one of my many talents.I actually have two gifts."
"Really?" He asked this time in an excited voice.
I nodded.
"What's the other one?" He asked. I laughed and then said,
"That one is hard to explain, but I'll show you sometime."
He smiled and nodded.
"Well that makes me feel a lot better, I thought I was loosing my mind. First with you, and then with the knew girl at school."

I raised an eyebrow at the mention of her.
"Don't start." he warned holding up a finger, I laughed again and then said,
"What do you mean first me, then her? Can't you read her mind?"
His smile dropped, and he frowned, shaking his head.
"Maybe she's a shield. Powers can start when your human, ya know."
He nodded.
"Yeah maybe. Anyways, go have fun. You deserve it, just don't be out to late."
I chuckled, and then turned and walked down the rest of the stairs.
When I got to the bottom, I smiled. I saw Carlisle standing there. He was in a nice grey shirt, and he was holding twelve blood red roses.
"Hi." I muttered, as I stood in front of him.
He smiled shyly, and handed me the roses.
"They're beautiful." I whispered.
"Not as beautiful as you."he whispered back.
Man, if I could blush.
"Why Mister Cullen, don't you know flattery will get you no where." I joked.
He laughed. His laugh was so sexy.
"It's not flattery if its true, my dear."
We stood there for a second, just looking at each other. I wanted nothing more for him to smash his lips into mine. After what seemed like hours he said,
"Are you ready to go?" I nodded, and followed him out to the car. He opened the door for me, and then, ran around the car, using vampire speed.
As we drove away from the house he started to talk.
"So we can go to the movies, or I was talking to Edward and he said you loved nature. There's all these beautiful mountains, we can go hiking?" He asked. I smiled widely. I didn't dress for hiking but who cares! I loved outside.
"I would love to go hiking!" I said excited. He laughed.
"Hiking it is."

We drove for a few more minutes in comfortable silence, then we parked and started to walk through the woods. After a while we sat on a huge tree that had fallen. That's when the talking began.

Carlisle POV
I wanted to know everything about my mate, so I thought the best way to do this was sit in the middle of no where and talk. No one to listen in, or judge, just us two. I was the first to speak,

"So, tell me about your human life?" I asked with hope,
She raised an eyebrow and nodded,
"Um, let's see, I was born in Chicago, it was way different back then. I love going back there now and comparing it,"
She started, I smiled.
"There's not really much to tell, I spent a lot of my time managing the house with mother, we were homeschooled so there were no friends, only Eddie and me. I spent a lot of time playing the piano, and eventually I taught Edward, but when I was fourteen, my father made me stop, he said that 'Woman didn't belong in the musical world,'"
She rolled her eyes when she said this. I frowned.
"Will you play for me sometime?" I asked. She smiled and nodded, then got back to her story,
"When I was nineteen, I was forced to marry for advancement. Not for love. He wasn't a very nice man, but I digress, I soon became pregnant,"
For some reason I was angry at this part of her life. It wasn't because she had become pregnant, it was because I wish I was the one who made her pregnant. I wanted that with her. A family. But we could never have one.
"So you had a baby?" I asked. She smiled sadly then shook her head.
"No, I never had the baby, I was pregnant when I was turned,"
She whispered,
This made me livid, but I was careful not to show it. I took her hand in mine and kissed it.
She looked up at me smiling.
"I am so sorry," I whispered. She nodded,
"Me too,"
"Listen Elaine," I started, she looked into my eyes,
"I know we can never have that but I will do whatever I can to make you happy, I know we just met, but your my mate. I love you."
She smiled widely and then whispered into my ear,
"I love you too, Carlisle. Kiss me,"
She didn't need to ask me twice,
I smashed her lips into mine, and we just stayed there kissing for what seemed like forever.
Eventually we had to go home.
That was the most amazing date I have ever had.

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