Chapter 4; Meeting Again After a Century

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline.
Edwards POV
Emmett and I had just gotten home from hunting, we smelt an unfamiliar scent.
"Who's here?" Emmett asked smelling it for the first time.
"I'm not sure. I can't read their mind."
Emmett raised an eyebrow, this was a first.
Emmett walked in first, I followed. I looked over to the table to see someone I thought I would never see again.
"Elaine?" I asked. Shocked, my older sister was here alive! Well kinda, she was a vampire so not really alive than the living dead.
I wanted so much more for her. When she didn't come home that night, I thought maybe she got killed, then she would have been in heaven with mother and father.
Instead she was here over a hundred years later, and still doesn't look a day over 20.
She looked confused for a minute, probably because the last time she saw me I was around fourteen.
"Ed- Eddie?" She whispered with a shaking voice.
I walked closer to her, taking in her new appearance, she was gorgeous, still looked exactly like our mother.
"Elaine." I said again. Then, I wrapped my arms around her. She hugged me back.
"I've missed you so much." she whispered.
"And I you. What happened? I thought you dead, like mother and and father."
"As did I, you." she said into my shoulder.

I pulled her back to get a better look at her.
"You still look exactly like mom." I whispered.
She smiled wider, then said,
"And you like father." 
"I hate to spoil this reunion, but we do have school in an hour.  I have to get Eliane in proper attire." Alice said.
Eliane smirked at her and then looked down at her clothes,
"What's wrong with my clothes? And school? I'm twenty."
"Well of course you are. You'll be going to college! Of course! I already know what you wanted to be your major, law, so I need to get you looking more appropriate."

"She looks gorgeous the way she is, Alice." I heard Carlisle say. What does he-
And then I heard his thoughts
She is so Amazing, she will be the perfect addition to the family.
She's Carlisle mate!

Elaine's POV
I looked to Edward, he had a twisted look on his face.
"Eddie?" I whispered.
He changed his expression to a faint smile.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing, nothing at all, Alice? Why don't you get Elaine dressed, I need to discuss something with Carlisle."
Alice nodded smiling at my sister and taking her hand.
"I have the perfect outfit planned, you'll love it!"
Elaine smiled back at her and said,
"I bet I will."
"You will. Oh and, Edward. Don't forget that there will be a certain new girl at school today, be careful in Biology." (In this story Bella comes right before Christmas break, the same time Elaine comes)
Edward gave Alice a dirty look. Then nodded.
I walked with her upstairs and to her closet.
"Woah." I whispered. Her closet was filled!
"Isn't it amazing! Now I'm taking off school to go on a tour of the college with you, you'll start classes there after break."
I nodded, I had forgotten it was Christmas in a couple days.
"Oh right, Christmas." I whispered, I had always loved Christmas, maybe it was because my mom always love it, or because it was my birthday.
"Alice?" I asked, suddenly remembering something she said downstairs.
"What did you mean when you said there would be a new girl in biology and to be careful?"
She smiled then answered with,
"Edward is going to meet his mate today."
That's amazing I thought.
"She's not my mate Alice!" I heard Edward tell from downstairs.
"She is you just won't accept it!" Alice screamed back.
I raised an eyebrow.
She sighed,
"Her name is Bella, and not only is she his mate, but she's also his singer."
I was about to say something but Alice turned back to the closet. When she faced me she held out an outfit that consisted of, a tan colored shirt a dark red skirt, black high heels and black stockings.
I smiled and nodded taking the clothes.
I changed into them and put in some rose shaped earrings. Alice smiled widely when I came out.
She clapped happily.
"You look great!"
If I could blush I would.
"Thank you." I  smiled looking down at my shoes. Then she said,
"One second, I have the perfect jacket to finish it off."
She turned, and handed me a beautiful drench coat jacket.
I was about to put it on, then Alice said,
"Wait!" I looked at her and raised an eyebrow,
"I want Carlisle to see you!" I frowned.
"Does everyone know?" I asked, I feel like I was the last to know that Carlisle is my mate.
"No, just me, Esme,Edward, and Carlisle of corse."
I nodded and smiled but then my smile fell.
Oh God! Edward knew! Even though he was younger than I was he was alway very protective over me.
"Alice? Who told Edward?" I asked.
She smirks and then laughs,
"I forgot to tell you, he can read minds. I can see the future, and my mate Jasper is an Empath."
I was in shock. All I did was nod. I wanted to tell her then that I also had a gift, but it didn't seem like the right time. I knew I would have to soon but I didn't want to freak her out.
I followed her down the stairs.
Carlisle was sitting there in the living room doing some type of paper work. Alice cleared her throat and he looked up. We made eye contact.
"Woah." he whispered. I smiled.
"He's speechless!" Alice laughed. I laughed a little too.
"I am, you have rendered me speechless, with your beauty." he said taking my hand and guiding me down the stairs. I smiled looking down at the floor.
"Thank you, but I did have some help." I whispered.
"Hey I didn't do much, just picked some clothes out is all." Alice said as we both looked her way.
We laughed again.
"Elaine?" Carlisle asked,
I looked at him, looking into his golden eyes.
"I would like very much, to take you out tonight." I smiled big and then nodded,
"I would also like that."
"Then how about we meet at seven, here? Maybe go see a movie?" I nodded again, then he kissed my hand and walked towards a room I guess was his office. Alice squealed and then walked towards a door that when she opened I saw was the garage.
"You coming?" She called back, I ran after her at human speed. And off to college we went!

The picture at the beginning is the outfit Alice picks.
I hope everyone like it!

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