Chapter 12; Back to School and Bella

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Disclaimer; I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight Characters, I only own my own characters and the storyline
Edwards POV
After about ten days away I decided I should come back. I talked to Elaine on the phone everyday, but I still missed her so much that it hurt. When I finally got to the house I snuck in through her balcony door. She was sitting at her desk reading a book, she must have smelled me because she stiffened and then slowly turned around.
She smiled up at me with bright eyes.
"Edward! Thank God your back!"
I smiled and pulled her into a hug.
We stood there like that for a second.
"I missed you so much,"
She whispered,
"As did I you,"
She pulled away putting both hands on my shoulders.
I took both her hands in mine.
I pulled her back in for another hug this time twirling around holding her tight
"Okay, you need to go say hi to the othe-" she started but then she stopped. A breeze had just went through the room from outside and the smell of blood filled the room. Not just any blood, human blood. We could hear Jasper downstairs going crazy. I ran down to calm him down, but when I realized Elaine wasn't following me I ran back up and followed her outside and into the forest.
"What are you doing?" I asked, she stopped smelling the air and was about to start running towards it when I stopped her,
"Wait, what are we doing?"
She stopped,
"Whoever it is, their loosing a lot of blood, we need to help them," she answered.
"Changing them doesn't always help them, it damns them."
She rolled her eyes.

"I'm not gonna change them, you'll see when we find them,"
She started running again and I followed.
Suddenly she stopped when the smell got the strongest. I could hear the rest of my family besides Jasper and Alice who was trying to calm me down, coming.
I looked before me, a small girl around twelve, was laying in the snow. It was stained red all around her, she looked like sh got attacked by a mountain lion.
Elaine kneeled down next to her.

Elaine's POV
I looked down at the small girl,
Poor thing. I know what I needed to do.
I needed to use my power. I really hoped I could keep it a secret longer, but I wasn't going to let this little girl die, and I knew I couldn't turn her, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
So you're probably wondering what I'm talking about,
It's easier to show than to tell.
I had to focus on the part of her that had the most damage, in this case it was her chest. Then I felt the familiar feeling of my powers at work, draining all of my energy and life if you would call it that, to her. Her wounds began to heal, and I started to smile.
One bad thing that comes with the power of healing is that if you use it, even if you are a vampire, than you'll probably end up fainting.
I had only used it a handful of times before this. I began to feel woozy, I saw the girl relax and then I fell to the ground.
At least I could be asleep, kinda.

Edward's POV
I followed her to the little girl, she wasn't doing good.
I thought Elaine was gonna change her, but she kneeled down and then all I saw was yellow light. The next thing I knew the girl was sitting up, trying to catch her breath and Elaine was laying on the floor.
She looked like she had fainted but that couldn't be possible, could it?
I ran over to them, the little girl had started to cry, she looked down at Elaine,
"Is she okay?" She cried,
I didn't know,
"I'm not sure," my voice was trembling. I could hear my family coming closer until I heard the running stop, and felt a bunch of eyes on me.
"Edward what happened?"
Carlisle asked, coming closer.
When he saw Elaine he stopped,
"What- Elaine!" He cried.
He ran to us and took her from me holding her in his arms,
"She healed me," the little girl whispered.
"Please tell me she's not dead,"
"She's not, I can still see her future, she's just kinda asleep,"
Asleep? How can sh be asleep she's a vampire!
I saw her stir in Carlisle's arms.

Elaine's POV
I opened my eyes, light flooded my vision. I felt someone squeeze my right hand, looking I saw the person was Carlisle, I smiled, I had missed him.
"Hey," I whispered,
I noticed that his eyes were no longer the gold color they were before I fell asleep, now they were pitch black,

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