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Hiiii!!! So hahah, so sorry I haven't updated in a LONG while. Been busy doing productive stuff within my hiatus(?). Anywho, I can see my book is still being read by a lot.

Still, thank you guys for reading the obnoxious, exaggerated rants of a weirdo dork like me. I honestly do not know why you find my nonsense, goofy rants entertaining, but I do know you guys somehow relate to it and actually laugh or smile when you read my rants. Like any other rants right?

I'll post one chapter more after this update, and since my creative juices have run out (due to massive use for hell / school work ), can you guys give me ideas on what particular topics I can rant about. It can actually be any topic you want! Relatable or no. I'll try to pick up some rants from your requests.

Anyway, thank you guys again so much for reading, voting, and commenting on my rant book. It really means a lot to me that this book got 20+k reads. This book is entirely dedicated for your entertainment, and to let off a few things off my chest.

All the love and hugs
N x.

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