Me ain't no octopus, meh is just human

I hate that moment when you're a "thing" in Wattpad, get many requests, try to do all of them, and some of them cancel their requests. LIKE WHAT?!?!? I'VE GOT 1,000 REQUESTS I AIN'T NO OCTUPUS MAN! AND I CAN'T CONTROL TIME!!! Like seriously, I've got an account where a LOT of people are requesting for imagines, and some ask me to continue 1 or 2 fanfics. I KNOW WOMEN MULTITASK BUT PLEASe! Be patient.And if you dare ask me why I'm not doing it (in my other account okay, I'm not famous at this one, and Kiara, sorry again for making u wait too long). If I DID forget your request, I will turn it into a book just to let you know how sorry I am. (Wow, that's a LOT of fanfics).

Follow me and I'll (NOT) follow you :)))

This one person asked me to follow her and she'll follow back, commented, voted, and shared ALL my books just for me to follow her. I agreed of course, I mean, ask politely and I will give in (NO PIZZA RAIN, NO!) So I did and she was happy. 1 week later I noticed she hasn't followed me yet. She SWORE to follow me. I asked her to do so, and she said "later, i'm very busy." HOLD DA PHONE?!?! YOU CAN'T DO A FRICKIN SIMPLE FOLLOW?!?! BE GLAD I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO THROW A BOMB TO AMERICA! (me no Bin Laden kay :|) JUST ONE SIMPLE CLICK OF THE ORANGE BUTTON BELLOW THE PROFILE PIC, AND YOU'RE DONE?!?! And the surprising thing is, this happened 5 more times between me and her. Until she messaged me "Uggghhh, you're so annoying, stop asking me to follow you! Geez!"

I.AM.GONNA.BLOW.... some balloons for your funeral, girl. :))))

So, whoever you are, I frickin hate you. Sorry, I'm no miss nice girl anymore


Hi guys! So, this is just a sample of my random rants, I'll post some of it soon. I hope you like it :) (except for the girl I blew some balloons for, I STILL hate you).

Dedicated to @fitful for inspiring me with his rant book. :)



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