Hello ebribadi! :D

It's meh bishes! I am back! And I am pumped up for another rant! 

Okay, again, it's about One Direction (particularly Harry Styles). GTFO if chu gonna say something bad about mah mayn! *holds a banana* I'm armed.Don't.Mess.With.Me *bites on banana without even peeling it which I forgot to mention damnit*

Alrighty, so here we go:

Remember the day when a 16 year old boy from Cheshire auditioned for the X-Factor UK? A boy who had big dreams and hopes. A boy who could sing so beautifully, that his own voice brought him to huge success for 4 years. A boy who thought of the name that is now being seen, typed, said, or heard in millions of places. A boy who is part of a internationally well known boyband that captured the hearts of millions, not just girls, but boys as well. Men, women, old or young.

That's Harry. Harold Edward Styles.

Now aged 20, turning 21 in February 1, curls looking like a yard of grass never been mowed for 2 months, but still manages to look so perfect, green, gorgeous eyes to die for. Hands that could do and did so many good things in this world, I can't even count with my own hands. A smile from those rosy pink lips I wish could say my name with a sweet tone. And that angelic voice that could interpret so many things and emotions through songs. 

That's Harry.

Eats a banana now and then in a sometimes unique way by peeling it from the other end, wears some hats that make it look like he's heading to his rice farm, but still looks so damn good girls could cry, wears clothes that suit him so well, dated girls from his neighboorhood to one of the most famous country-pop singer and to one of the girls who was close to the Kardashians. Dances like a 3-year-old trying to look smug and cool. Makes people laugh, but silences some with his jokes, that somewhat makes me laugh as well.

That's Harry.

The man who said that dating isn't a game, and it will never be. The man who's always so thankful to his fans for their success, and makes us feel like as if we are the most important people in the world. The man who visited a girl who's death wish was to meet him himself, and didn't do it for publicity, even went to that girls own house. The man who cried for the Africans who needed help so desperately. The man who doesn't mind if the fans does some things that disturbs him, because he loves us all dearly. The man who has a big heart, a helping hand, and ears that listen. 

And the man who hated the word...


Sure we can say that he's a famous guy. The "oh-so-famous-Harry-Styles'. No. For me, labels are disgusting. Good or bad, it's still not good. Doesn't it hurt to be labeled 'hot' when you wanted to be known to be smart? Wouldn't it be depressing to be labeled 'smart' when you wanted to be known for being a good person? So I agree to his statement;

"No one ever knows me for being a nice guy or a good person, they just say 'oh he's famous'...I hate it."

Sure we say he's 'hot' or 'so damn good looking like a god, but again, we're comitting an offense to the ten commandments. Not that I'm saying he's not hot or anything, but let's not use the term 'god'. Let's use something else. Sure we say we love him for himself...

...but c'mon, think about it long and clear...

...do you really love HIM for HIM...

I myself question this to myself. I mean, the first thing I really noticed about him is his looks. But I soon fell for his quorkiness, kindness, and perky spirit. I even imagined myself being his best friend, playfully slugging his arm when he says something annoyingly cute. I know, for sure, I do love him.

But not real love.

It's like, another kind of love. Yes, I do want to kiss him. But I know for sure that I'm not the girl that will say "I do " infront of the altar, facing him, as his soon-to-be-wife. But I don't care. 

He's Harry.

He's simply Harry. Thankful, generous, kind, quorky, good-hearted. And that's what I love about him. I don't like to say that 'oh he's Harry Styles, the famous singer in One Direction', and even though I said that word refering to him before, but now I realized, labels don't make you happy. It's what's about you that people like the most, from the inside. 

Doesn't it feel nice when people know you for 'always being thoughtful every day' rather than 'the girl who always gives away freebies during occassions'? See my point?

I, myself, want to be know for my talent AND myself. Like maybe one day, people would see me and say 'Hey isn't that her? That beautiful singer?' 'Yeah. I heard she's a nice girl.'. See? I mean, if people said that I was just 'famous', that's it? I'm just famous? Not good, or nice, or thoughtful?

And back again to what Harry said. It's true. Stop labeling people AND yourself. Know them for who they are and not what you think they are. Before you even say a label for them, know them first. Or you'll end up regretting it.

And remember directioners, Harry's just Harry. Cheeky, fun, thoughtful, loving, caring Harry Styles. He may be famous, but let's just us the term 'well-known'. 

Harry's Harry.

A breathing, living human being like you and me.

Simple as that.


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