Hello my fellow wattpaders! So, I've been thinking about giving advice to you guys!!! For free!!! Anyways, you can inbox me or comments below in this format:


Dear (Winner) LOSER,

OMG! My wattpad account is slowly rising to fame! Hurrah! Finally, after all those years of trying and trying, I am finally famous around here! :)

But the problem is, I can't balance my time for doing my wattpad duties and my time for school, academics, and all that. Plus, my social life is a huge wreck, so please help me figure out what to do! I am in real need of help right now!


Famous Wattpader

And to connote, please DO NOT leave your real name. Use an alias like the one I used in my example. You can ask me even some stuff outside of wattpad life! Like school, being in high school, insecurities, and all that! REMEMBER: This is only an ask for advice offer, not an offer to gossip about your arch-nemesis!

I will post 10 questions all answered for the first time, and later on, I'll post 5 questions (OF COURSE with answers) when I post another rant.

Hope you'll comment! c:


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