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Parlay || Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader by in-class-daydreams
Parlay || Kuroo Tetsurou x Readerby in-class-daydreams
par·lay (noun) : a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet. (Y/N), a first-year student attendin...
Dumb Fanfiction Moments by zaynsmilk
Dumb Fanfiction Momentsby zaynsmilk
introducing dumb fanfiction moments, where i tell you all the moments in fanfics that are just .. dumb. // made in 2013 so if there's any spelling mistakes DONT point t...
Dumbass. |Sasuke Uchiha x male reader by M3ee44tt
Dumbass. |Sasuke Uchiha x male rea...by eLi
"You got a new wound again!?" Sakura yelled as she bandage up (Y/n)'s wound, "What do you expect, he's a dumbass." "Shut your crap Sasuke!"...
Annoying Wattpad Moments {CRINGEY} by panic-at-the-crisco
Annoying Wattpad Moments {CRINGEY}by ∞ sempiternal ∞
Ehhh I've given up trying to edit this book that I wrote ages ago. I'll just reupload it in all its shining, 12-year-old humour glory. You can leave hate comments if you...
Dumb fanfic things by calsass
Dumb fanfic thingsby 🌻
Just some dumb stuff fanfics have .... (All chapters written by me)
Dumb Fanfic Moments or Cliché Things by PricklyHedgie
Dumb Fanfic Moments or Cliché Thin...by PricklyHedgie
Most fanfiction have at least one of these things that is so overused or dumb readers expect it. So, I've made a list of the ones I see a lot so hopefully you don't incl...
Y/N x Technoblade One-shots by JokinglyMush_
Y/N x Technoblade One-shotsby Mush
What if this wasn't just a normal y/n x technoblade story? Well, It could be but.. it's bottomnoblade :) (this is also my first book ever)
" I'll Protect You " Male Yandere X Male Reader [Future Diary Sequel/Au] by DumbShortBoi
" I'll Protect You " Male Yandere...by MrRandomPerson
This story is about (Y/N) and his friend Hinaru Yukiteru ( The son of Amano Yukiteru and Yuno Gasai ), Hinaru deeply cares about (Y/N) and will protect him from anything...
Dumb Fanfic Moments by dyingxtoxlive
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby i’m a mrs. now yeet
"I gazed into his emerald green orbs as I spilled scolding hot coffee on him in Starbucks." [this book is not meant to offend ANYONE. It's just for some laughs...
Bakugo Fucking Kills A Catgirl by A_Shitty_Author
Bakugo Fucking Kills A Catgirlby A Shitty Author
(Y/N) is a catgirl in UA who, for some reason, is in love with Bakugo. But she gets fucking killed- she's dead, dead as hell, damn she dead. There's not much more to it...
Cos's 2am bullshit by Cos_887
Cos's 2am bullshitby Cos 🙃
Exactly as the title says. This is going to be just a massive collection of all the stupid, idiotic ideas I come up with while I'm "supposed" to be going to sl...
monokuma x monokubs by TheGamingKat420
monokuma x monokubsby idiot
why did i make this i need atua cover doesn't belong to me, it belongs to unibird_unibird on Instagram
Dumb Fanfic Moments by Five_Singing_Idiots
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby Five_Singing_Idiots
Liam's fear of spoons Niall eating like a freaking hippo Louis's obsession over carrots Harry's orbs Zayn's vanity Yadda Yadda. Listen to my rant about the stereoty...
The Mid-life Crisis Of The Antagonist by -udeesha-
The Mid-life Crisis Of The Antagon...by Udeesha
Dylan Summers had it all: a handsome face, an intelligent and sharp mind, and to add to it, psychic abilities. However, I, the author, refuse to make him the protagonist...
The Typical Dumb Fan Fiction Moments by missmyrtlejoyce21
The Typical Dumb Fan Fiction Momen...by M Y R T L E
This is the essential compilation of fan fiction scenes that no one would put them inconspicuously in their future CA fan fics. Some scenes, candid cheesy factors, and o...
Dumb Fanfic Moments by superbuckyhiddlegard
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby superbuckyhiddlegard
these moments make me as mad as moseby when he told zack & cody to quit running in his lobby
b3st fanfic ever! by luvleimpain
b3st fanfic ever!by luvleimpain
kelsey is a normal girl. she meets one direction. read to find out more