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Dumb Fanfic Moments by superbuckyhiddlegard
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby superbuckyhiddlegard
these moments make me as mad as moseby when he told zack & cody to quit running in his lobby
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Dumb Fanfic Moments by dyingxtoxlive
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby i’m a mrs. now yeet
"I gazed into his emerald green orbs as I spilled scolding hot coffee on him in Starbucks." [this book is not meant to offend ANYONE. It's just for some laughs...
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Dumb Fanfic Moments by Five_Singing_Idiots
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby Five_Singing_Idiots
Liam's fear of spoons Niall eating like a freaking hippo Louis's obsession over carrots Harry's orbs Zayn's vanity Yadda Yadda. Listen to my rant about the stereoty...
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My Opinion On Wattpad Stories by SPITFIRE_WITCH
My Opinion On Wattpad Storiesby SPITFIRE_WITCH
This 'book' is basically about my opinions about Wattpad stories. I have read many stories on Wattpad and the stories have become... predictable. This 'book' is not only...
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Typical Dumb Fanfic Moments by SUchihaa
Typical Dumb Fanfic Momentsby cece
Clichés.... They're all around us on wattpad. We are surrounded by so much cliché moments and overused plots its becoming unbearable. This book is a documentation of all...
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Dumb Fanfic Moments by OnyxIsAColor
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby trash ™
basically the title.
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Dumb Fanfic Moments or Cliché Things by PricklyHedgie
Dumb Fanfic Moments or Cliché Thin...by SquishySnake
Most fanfiction have at least one of these things that is so overused or dumb readers expect it. So, I've made a list of the ones I see a lot so hopefully you don't incl...
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Dumb Fanfic Moments by bangthejoshdrums
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby izzy
Showcasing all the dumb, so predictable its funny and plain ol' cliche moments, of every fanfiction ever written. **THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYBODY** *hi! its the au...
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Dumb fanfic moments by alyssaolaf123
Dumb fanfic momentsby DanTDM_4_Lyfe
These are dumb fanfic moments Do not get offended by anything I say if your book is like that Btw the pic is Brent Rivera
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Carrot by lowkiesavage
Carrotby chikum
Them overused clichés.
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Dumb Fanfic Moments! by 1d_problems_
Dumb Fanfic Moments!by 1d_problems_
These Are All The Stupid Moments That I Need To Dicuss After Seeing Them In Fan Fiction! *This Is NOT A Serious Story People!* So Dont Say I Didn't Warn You.
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Typical FanFic Moments by CherryICEcream64
Typical FanFic Momentsby Jessie
note: please don't be offended as some of these apply to myself, I saw them on tumblr and, well, HERE, and face palmed lol xD... then I came up with some others.
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dumb fanfic moments!!!!ccxm!?3-!!1 by zoeslugg
dumb fanfic moments!!!!ccxm!?3-!!1by zoeslugg
dumb fanfiction moments I guess????
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Dumb FanFic Moments by 1993ftPayne
Dumb FanFic Momentsby ♧
Have you ever read a fanfic which had a dumb moment in it? Yes than you may wanna read this! All of Dumb Fanfic Moments are in this book *Message me if you have seen a...
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Dumb Fanfic Moments (MCR Edition) by MemeToTheExtreme
Dumb Fanfic Moments (MCR Edition)by O shit waddup
Because I'm fucking tired of two things: 1: All of the "dumb fanfic moments" are about 1D. 2: Fucking emo stereotypes
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Dumb Fanfiction Moments by obeyirwin
Dumb Fanfiction Momentsby obeyirwin
This was created for the purpose of the do's and donts of writing fanfictions. Also to grow as an author. Do not take offense! Enjoy!
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Dumb Fanfic Moments by BooksBandsFanfiction
Dumb Fanfic Momentsby 🐝
Basically just dumb fanfic moments :)
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who said I'm not a youtube?(Trevor and kian fight for the girl) by baby4may
who said I'm not a youtube?(Trevor...by baby4may
Hi my name is Charlie Faith Graceffa I'm Joey graceffas sister I live in la with my friend rose Rose darting a guy named Sam out of a colab channel what will happen when...
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Things That Annoy Me by HazzaandLouuuuu
Things That Annoy Meby Morgan Joy
These are just some things that drive me crazy, I'm making this so I can rant.
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