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How would it feel like to be his?

To have him by your side, and to have him comfort you. His lips would tell you how much he loves you and how many things he would do to protect you from danger. To feel like you're a precious jewel to him, as if you were the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in the universe. His eyes would look at you cautiously when another guy tries to steal you. He would push the guy away, and with his voice filled with such sincerity and truthfulness, he would tell him that your his and his only.

To have his arms wrap around your body, the warmth of his body giving you extreme comfort, with the rain droning in the background. To have the silence slip in, and just hear his breath, feeling it tickle your neck softly. And with just that arms wrapped around you, you feel so loved. And you turn around to see his lovely face sleeping, his perfection making your heart melt that it makes you feel all warm inside.

And the way his looks always look like the first time you both met. His evergreen, gorgeous eyes would always look at you with such love and care, that would make you smile no matter what. The way his hair was, messy or neat, and think how fluffy it would feel to run your hands through his curly hair, as you admire that breathtaking man's whole self and how you adored him so much.

Then you look at those pink, plump lips every girl desired to put their lips on. And how lucky you are to have those lips kiss yours only. Oh how I imagine that feeling to slowly lean towards him, giving him slight hints that you wanted to kiss him so badly. He would smile cheekily, and slowly leans in too.

Until your foreheads touch, and for a moment, adore each other's gorgeous faces. And then, you slowly put your lips on his, kissing him softly and gently, sending chills down you spine. His arms would snake around your waist as the kiss lingers, with your arms around his neck, savoring the moment. And through that one kiss , as if like magic, everything else in the world, your mind, blurs, and all you could think about is how beautiful your relationship with him, and that you didn't want to let it go easily.

And that feeling? That warm, fuzzy feeling you get each time these things happen? It's simply love. Nothing less. That love you both share would shine so bright, that people would see how whipped you both are for each other.

And with that, nothing else matters.

Just him...and you...

That's how it feels like to love and be loved by Harry Edward Styles.


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