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♡︎ Matching and Singular Icons ♡︎ by mikoyuh
♡︎ Matching and Singular Icons ♡︎by 𝑚𝑒𝑘𝑜ℎ
None of them are mine!! All of Pinterest !!! [ Anime/Genshin Themed - Mostly BoyxGirl ] { Top Ranks } 69# Haha (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ 1# pfps 1# matchingpfps 1# animepfps 1# pro...
His Love by TheWriter3735
His Loveby love
"Hunter?" "Bella." Hunter said softly. I backed up against the cold brick wall. "What are you doing?" "Doing what I should've done a...
Sorry not Sorry || Badass Deku || DekuBowl by The_Lesbian_Queen
Sorry not Sorry || Badass Deku ||...by Athene
Izuku, or Deku, has turned into a badass after being locked in his house by a mean prank of his bullies. His mom left and Katsuki Bakugo somehow got hold of his keys. De...
That's Just The Beginning by istolethecookiez
That's Just The Beginningby Caitlin W.
DISCLAIMER: This book is horrible; I wrote it when I was very young and the quality is a lot worse than my current skills. Please do not judge me based on this book. If...
bnha on crack by I_like_anime_101
bnha on crackby I_like_anime_101
this is a meme book because why not. Theres a second book to this so when you finish this you can go look at the memes on the other one.
WMMAP incorrect quotes by attheiajazlyn
WMMAP incorrect quotesby theia🍀
I'm just bored. Will update when I'm bored. Slow updates because I'm bored. I made this 'cause I'm bored. Bored. !!! - Half of the quotes are not mine - fanarts are not...
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Kingdon by lovezord
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Kin...by Atsushi Harumi Y.
An ordinary girl in the mortal world is just a nobody but she didn't know that she's the lost princess... And the special blue moon necklace is missing A blue moon neck...
mmmm hiya fellow hoomans. here is some amazing aot shit that just. OH THEY JUST MAKE MY DAY. THEY BUTTER MY CROSSIANT. THEY TICKLE. MY. PICKLE. you're welcome :)
Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboy by Dostomozartsky
Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboyby Raquel
People say that love is in every corner... looks like Riley's been walking in circles. You see, Riley is a proud tomboy and she loves being one of the guys, but there is...
Twins Rejection by Azeel3000
Twins Rejectionby Azeel3000
HP fanfic. "I, John Potter reject my twin, Harrison James Potter." He- he rejected me. I'm....going to die. This story is discontinued and adopted!!!!
Still Learning by itsmefirefly
Still Learningby Firefly🤪
Adora ended up breaking up with her girlfriend, Catra, a couple months back because Adora wanted to focus on more on her future, school and sports. But now Adora thinks...
Other World - Countryhumans x Reader by dorkus_doofus
Other World - Countryhumans x Read...by dorkboy
(Female reader) (Y/N) was a somebody, yet a nobody. No one really paid attention to her, and she preferred to keep to herself. But what happens when she falls through a...
Fuck it. taekook smut. by pjmtheworld
Fuck it. taekook smut.by tk gay
read the title, doll.✨
Comebacks by once-upon-a-star
Comebacksby katie baer
A list of Comebacks.
Memy by MrsFujisaki
Memyby ✯
po prostu memy XD Nie autorskie w większości ( Stare, Nic co jest tu napisane nie wiąże się z moją osobą w tej chwili )
The Snake In My Dreams by TheRandomPenguin
The Snake In My Dreamsby Via
For as long as Remus could remember, his side of the Imagination was different than Roman's. Remus found his side harder to control, more unstable. Every morning he wou...
the little things || gojo x f!reader by crustymfsimp
the little things || gojo x f!read...by crustymfsimp
a series of moments with you and your bf, the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer. from cooking together to having a picnic to playing videogames, life with him is never bori...
Wattpad Memes  by hridiv
Wattpad Memes by メᎳᎪᏒᏒᎥᎾᏒメ
Memes that you will enjoy reading if you are a true Wattpader! We may have different country, different culture, different religion, different gender but after all we ar...
Memes and cursed images  by JustANormalAlien
Memes and cursed images by ☆Max☆
all the shit I have stored on my phone, since I'll need to delete it at some point.