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Are you bored? Wanna laugh? Or don't know what to do? Then read this funny random shit :D I know that you want to read this,as much as I want you to read it :) Btw. I'll...
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Kingdon by lovezord
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Kin...by Atsushi Harumi Y.
An ordinary girl in the mortal world is just a nobody but she didn't know that she's the lost princess... And the special blue moon necklace is missing A blue moon neck...
Pick Up lines  by icecreamlovebrownies
Pick Up lines by Lilly❣️
Some pick up lines that'll make you laugh :) Disclaimer: I did not make all of these. Highest Rank: |#14 in jokes 03.08.18| |#86 in humor 27.05.17|
Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboy by Dostomozartsky
Nothing Wrong With Being a Tomboyby Raquel
People say that love is in every corner... looks like Riley's been walking in circles. You see, Riley is a proud tomboy and she loves being one of the guys, but there is...
Puns | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Puns | ✎by katie baer
A list of Puns.
The Trouble with Being Tender (The Trouble Series Book 1) by elliephanting
The Trouble with Being Tender (The...by Ellie Perry
Eighteen-year-old Ellie Prescott has an unfailing tender heart. She's always felt an ache for those who are so lost and far from home..... but when the quarterback of t...
Eddsworld Oneshots, Fluff, Lemons, and Smut by -Eddiction-
Eddsworld Oneshots, Fluff, Lemons...by CAMPE DIEM
what the title says :3 ~ (HIGHEST RANKINGS) #1 in Tordedd #1 in hehe (idk why I put that lol) #34 in Eddsworld #16 in Tord #28 in Tomtord
JOKES by Sadhali
Are you ready for the best book you have ever read in the entire world???? Well your in the wrong place. I'm kidding. If you want jokes that make you roll on the floor l...
Star Wars Characters React To Ships by yoitsme108
Star Wars Characters React To Shipsby Lonely_jedi_108
Star Wars characters will react to the ship and then rate it out of 10🚢 🤓(Requests open!)🤓 #1 in sw on December 3 2018 #3 in Armitagehux December 3 2018 #3 in cringe...
Still Learning by itsmefirefly
Still Learningby Firefly🤪
Adora ended up breaking up with her girlfriend, Catra, a couple months back because Adora wanted to focus on more on her future, school and sports. But now Adora thinks...
Riverton high-zodiac boarding| discontinued  by -_libraaa_-
Riverton high-zodiac boarding| dis...by Grace
All zodiacs have been banished from their home land Orion due to their bad behaviour.They must face to live in a snotty boarding school know as Riverton high for the res...
The Snake In My Dreams by TheRandomPenguin
The Snake In My Dreamsby The One Who's Hiding In Your...
For as long as Remus could remember, his side of the Imagination was different than Roman's. Remus found his side harder to control, more unstable. Every morning he wou...
This Book Might Be Gay by the__uncreative__
This Book Might Be Gayby Jay
Disclaimer: this is gonna have some really gay shizz in it so don't get your panties in a wad if ya don't like gay stuff. also this is gonna be random.
That's Just The Beginning by istolethecookiez
That's Just The Beginningby Caitlin W.
DISCLAIMER: This book is horrible; I wrote it when I was very young and the quality is a lot worse than my current skills. Please do not judge me based on this book. If...
Pun Intended? by icecreamlovebrownies
Pun Intended?by Lilly❣️
Here are some punny jokes for you guys :) Disclaimer: I did not make all of these.
𝙁𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡 𝙁𝙚𝙪𝙙 [ 𝙟𝙟𝙠 ] ✔️ by Juverine
𝙁𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡 𝙁𝙚𝙪𝙙 [ 𝙟𝙟...by rinnie
In which two webtoon artists fall in love over a misunderstanding. °fluff° °for my precious soft stans° ----- 1st place winner in the Moonchild Awards for the Jungkook s...
Funny Michael Jackson Memes by Normani_BTS
Funny Michael Jackson Memesby Stan BTS And Normani
Found some funny ass mj memes on Google, and I thought I would share them with you guys. You may or may not have seen them, so enjoy.
Olivia [h.s] by Narnaga
Olivia [h.s]by ➳ Chamberry ➳
"Harry, would you ever date a fan?"
Haikyuu X Reader Oneshot by JellalErza4
Haikyuu X Reader Oneshotby JellalErza4
!!WARNING!! FANGIRILING CONTENT!! (Also I'm back from hiatus with better English LMAO) beware of angst, fluffs, and even Lemons *wink* [FANGIRLING REQUEST OPEN] bruh!! Y...