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Hey guysss!!! OMG its been a while, actually 4 months hiatus! I'm sooooo sorry guys :( it's just that I was expecting a very unproductive summer, but turns out I became VERY ACTIVE in my youth ministry!

There was a skit that I was in, a youth camp, a skit for that camp that took us 1 month and 3 weeks to work on, and many other stuff! 

Anyways, here I go! 


In this 1-3 month span, we students are elated and hype for it bc school (hell) is about to finish!!! But when the dawn of summer comes, we-



-sit on our sofas, accompanied by Doritos and Lays, staring lazily at the TV. Or scrolling down Tumblr at 3 am on your iPhone 78293+. Practially, us teens. 

But wait? Do THESE scenarios ever happen in your summer?

A. "What's your wi-fi password?"

Either we ask it or we are asked. Either way, it's a common phenomena. We are practically hunting for this EVERYWHERE!!! At McDonalds, in the hospital waiting for your mom's check up to be done, outside the streets, EVERYWHERE!!! 

"Can I get your order ma'am?"

" bowl of...wi-fi password please?"

But get this? Not only do you look for it, but your friends as well! 

Ever invite your friends once, and they discovered you have wi-fi? Then they come back and yousmilebctheycareenoughtocome toyourhouseandyousuggesttobondwithhim/herbut-?

"What's your wi-fi password?"


If this happened so, respond with this:

"Wi-fi password?"


Look at them dead in the eye, and whisper:

"...what zit too yah..."

If they don't get that reference, NEVER give them the REAL wi-fi password. Just watch them question you over and over again as you laugh your ass off.

...uuuuunless your wi-fi password is really that. If so, idk what's with you man! 



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