Finn Harries Imagine 6

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Growing up has been a very long journey. I moved from country to country, house to house over ten times since the day I was born which was sixteen years ago. You'd think that my parents would want to settle down somewhere. Yet, they never do. We move for various reasons such as your grandad is ill and we must move to take care of him or I got a job transfer to Sydney. I stll don't have a place that I can call home because I don't know where home is. I guess home could be where I was born- Vancouver- but I only lived there for a couple weeks before moving to Halifax. Even though moving is a pain because you need to say goodbye to your friends, make new ones, leave the place you were starting to get used to; it also has it's good side. One of my favourite parts of moving was that I could say that I visited many countries such as Australia, Canada, United States, South Africa, Belgium, France, Chile, Bermuda and now it was England. Somewhere that I have wanted to imigrate to for years. I am moving to London because my younger sister got a roll in a British sitcom yet she doesn't even have a British accent. I am push out of my thoughts when I hear my mom shouting:

"(Y/N) get your headphones out of your ears and come help us bring the boxes in the house."

I do as I am told and take some boxes in our new house. The house my parents purchase is pretty decent. The walls are all mainly white except for the master bedroom. The room I chose as mine looks like one of the those attic rooms.

Two more boxes and I will finally be able to relax and adjust to my new home a d read my school schedual for next week. I decide to be adventourous and take two boxes at once. However, I failed miserably since the two boxes slip out of my fingers and fell to the ground. All my clothes and undergarments were now spread all over the pavement and grass. Little did I know that the neighbours car just came up their driveway.

"Do you need help with your boxes?" I turn around to see that the voice belong to a boy that look about 19. 
The boy look very familiar however I have trouble figuring where I knew it from.

"Euhhh yes please?" Wait what? Why did I say yes?

"I'm Finn by the way" he extends his hand out to shake.

"I'm (Y/N)" I shake his hand

Finn and I start to pick up my clothes from the ground. Each time our hands ocasionnaly brushed; I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks. A couple minutes pass by and we are now packing the undergarments. I am so embarrassed now.

"'s fine. I can finish the rest up" I say before he starts picking them up.

"It's fine. I am used to seeing all these stuff since I have a mom and a little sister."

"You probably also have a girlfriend." Why...why did I have to say that. *mentally facepalm myself*

"Nope, I'm looking for the right girl and I think I might have found her but I don't know her well enought to know it yet."

Well that was weird...soon enough we are closing the boxes and bringing them to my room.

"We have the same bedroom!" he shouts when he sees my room.

"really?" i ask shock

"Yeah, look you can see my bedroom from your window." he points out to his bedroom from my window.

"Now don't go stalking me." I wink at him

I don't know where I built up all this confidence. I never had this much confidence around guys before.

"I think it would be more likely for you to stalk me."

"Why is that so?" I question.

"Well there is the fact that a million of girls around the world stalk me and want to marry me."

That's when it hit me. I know who this kid in my room was; he was the kid that my friend from Sydney used to stalk. He was one of the Harries twins.

"Ohhh. Well I haven't really watch your videos yet?" I say embarrasingly

"Well it's never to late to start. Do you have a laptop?"

I give him my laptop and he quickly types JacksGap onto the YouTube search button. All of a sudden a ton of videos appear. The rest od the evening, Finn and I had a JacksGap, DiCaspar, Pointlessblog and MarcusButlerTV marathon. I couldn't help but laugh at all of the funny stuff his friends did. I was laughing so much during the videos that I didn't realise that Finn had his arm around me. To mang people this might sound creepy but to me, it felt right even though I just met him.

"I should probably get going. I was suppose to be at home seven hours ago." he blushes
Wow. Time pass so fast. We spent seven hours on youtube and talking. I bet my family's internet bill will be huge.

"Don't worry about your internet bill, I'll pay for all the extra usage." It was as if he read my mind.

"You don't have to."

"It's the least I could do after making you watch all these videos."

"I really like it. I think I will be watching them more often now."

"Erm...I was wondering if you would like me to show you around London tomorrow? Like a date?"

"I would love to" I smile at him

"I'll be at your door at noon?"

"See you then." he gives me a hug before walking towards his house.

I guess my first day in London wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

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