From pranks to pain

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Author's Note: What's up my cadets so this is a follow up chapter to "Its just a movie" so I hope you enjoy! And I'd like to thank red_rose_2615 (your such a cinnamon roll girl)for the idea and for writing this chapter, without her this chapter might not have been! So you should totally check out her story and follow her because she's such a doll. Anyways hope you like it guys. Also I colored my Steve Rogers pic! I'm so proud XD
After a serious talk about movie choices from Natasha and Sam, Tony and Clint got thinking about what they could do with Steve and Bucky's new fear of birds. Since the two were obvious jokesters, they were going to play a prank on the two lovers. But they couldn't do it by themselves. They decided to let a very happy yet confused Thor join in ("What is this prank you speak of? Is it a sport?") The three somehow convinced Natasha and Sam to join in, despite being very reluctant. They gathered around a coffee table after Steve and Bucky had gone out bowling.
"So team any ideas?" Tony said, looking out at the Avengers.
After explaining to Thor what a prank was, he said something that would have made sense in Asgard but confused everyone else. While Thor laughed, the rest stared around in confusion.
Natasha talked about doing one that involved explosives and guns and "dodging unexpected bullets" but that was immediately put aside because they didn't want their own team members to die.
When Sam was asked about his idea, he stated simply "Why don't we just send a large group of birds in to scare them while they are on a date or kissing or being romantic?" Everyone agreed excitedly and they began planning. Since Clint and Sam had somehow managed to raise a rather large group of birds without anyone else noticing, they were going to use those to scare them. Natasha and Thor would talk to the two lovers about having a date here in the Avenger's Tower. Tony would use hidden cameras to make sure nothing went wrong and to tell Clint and Falcon when to release the birds. This would be the greatest prank in the history of the Avenger's.

A Few Days Later...

"Okay guys you have fun on your date we will keep out and stay out" Natasha said as she stood in the door frame of the dining room.
"No promises" Clint mumbled as he closed the door.
Finally, Steve and Bucky were alone at last. A table for two was set up with a candle burning bright in the middle of the candle surrounded by pasta and meat sauce. Steve poured out glasses of wine and walked to sit down with Bucky.
"This looks amazing baby doll!" Bucky said to Steve after Steve had sat down. Steve blushed and smiled at Bucky. His Bucky. The one and only.
They began to eat and talk about their day. After a while, a strange sound was heard. Like a bird. Steve sat up straight and looked around. Nothing was in the dining room or outside the window. He brushed it off as maybe a draft or a pipe. But then, he heard it again. And again. And again. And soon, the room was filled with birds lead by Hawkeye and Falcon. They flew around the room, crashing into the table and knocking over the chairs. Steve instincts made him grab his shield, which was conveniently placed by the table, and grabbed Bucky. They ran to a corner of the room and ducked behind the shield. They could hear the birds hit the shield trying to get in along with the laughs of not only Hawkeye and Falcon, but Natasha's, Tony's, and Thor's deep laugh. After the birds stopped hitting Steve's shield and they didn't hear the flapping of wings. They peered out. Bucky was pale and his eyes were big. Steve was breathing loudly and looked as if he was about to cry.
"What was that?" Steve said, a confused tone in his voice.
The laughter died down and Clint began to speak. "It was just a prank. Since you guys had a "deathly fear of birds" we decided to have some fun." Steve and Bucky stared blankly at the group. The sudden movement of Bucky grabbing Steve's shield and walking towards the pranksters broke the stillness. Steve grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back.
"Look what they did to us! They scared us to death and it was all during a date. We just wanted some time together and you guys ruined it."
The two super soldiers walked out of the room and into the elevator. They both stood in silence until they reached their floor. They walked towards their room until Steve stopped and pulled Bucky into a loving embrace. "I'm sorry about those guys. They were just trying to be funny."
"Hey don't worry. It's not your fault. Come on, let's go to sleep." They walked to the room and flopped down on the bed, too tired to say goodnight but awake enough to cuddle together and fall asleep in each other's arms.

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