Grass Stains

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Author's Note: So I found this in my pictures and like it just screams stucky so I'm going to write a story (this update) using this "prompt" so I hope you guys like it! Also I just wrote a new...well old sorry I'm going to do a full story with the "That Was Too Close" story I wrote forever ago. So you should go check it out please! :3 It will mean a lot to me. So that all for now enjoy my little Cadets and sorry for the self promotion but please and thank you!

Steve wanted to tell Bucky he loved him but he didn't know how. Bucky was Steve's world metaphorically and literally. One couldn't be without the other, the team should know from when they first found Bucky; to elaborate better Steve broke down the door just to get to Bucky. Steve wanted to tell him in a very special way so of coarse he used the Internet to help him. So as he was browsing he found a sight that explained flower language and what he saw got him thinking. So he decided to cut the grass and use the excess for my plan.
-time skip to after Steve cut the grass brought to you by your very own neighborhood back ally hero-
Eventually he collect all the excess grass bits and put them in a box to dump in front of Bucky when he gets home from his therapy session.
-time skip to when Bucky comes home-
When Bucky pulls up in the car he noticed Steve was sitting on the front porch with a box and the grass was mowed. When he got out he walked up to Steve and gave him a kiss and asking how his afternoon was, but before Steve answered he dumped the box of grass in front of him and said very seriously, " I fucking love you, you gay piece of shit." Bucky just looked at him said, " Language Stevie. You know I love you to but did you really have to do that." He opened the door and said, " Now clean that up before you come inside doll." And then shut the door leaving Steve baffled.

P.S. I'm soooo sorry for not updating in a while so here's another update aside from the song. I'm helping another writer on Wattpad with her book because she is having writers block so...anyways love you all and I hope you like this. And here's the link if you want to check it out, because you should it's awesomek!
Also here is her account-AleTennantStark

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