Author's Note

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Okay so can I just say first off it's only been about a month since I first started this and I've already gotten 940 reads with 20 stars and frankly I thought that I'd only get a few reads because in my opinion I'm a pretty crapy writer, but it seems that you guys don't think so and this mean like so much that you like what I'm writing so basically I'm just saying thank you and I love you all. I mean it might seem like a small feat but to me this is a mile stone. So I'm just gonna say it again and be done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Actually one more thing I feel like I should have a name to call you guys who read this but I don't know what to call you so if you have any ideas then I'd love to read them!
Well I'm done so until the next update. I'm out.

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