First Kiss

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Author's note: Okay first off I'm soooooo sorry if the last story was really sad but I mean not all the short stories and head cannons can be sugar coded. But this one is happy and also I'll post a sad one once in a blue moon so that good for you. Anyways I hope you'll feel better after this story. :3
3rd Person POV
All Bucky wanted to do was kiss Steve on his lips. He didn't just want to kiss him quickly he wanted to kiss him good and long with a little force. And he wanted to push him up against the wall and he wanted to make the super solider squirm and beg. But those could only be in his dreams because he knew the other didn't feel the same. If only Bucky knew because Steve did in fact feel the same but thought Bucky wouldn't reciprocate his feelings and then that would ruin their friendship. I mean their friendship meant a lot to both of them so neither wanted to sabotage it with a kiss. But damn was it hard for both of them to do pull the other into a heated kiss. Eventually it became to hard for Bucky to not he wanted to kiss, no needed to kiss Steve and that is what he planned to do.
(Time skip to when Bucky kisses Steve brought to you but the one and only Tony Stark)
Bucky wanted patiently for Steve until he got home for training with the Avengers. Bucky was starting to get really nervous and second guess himself but he thought its now or never just as Steve walked in and heard the door shut.
"Buck I'm back!"
Bucky took a deep breath and got up and walked to meet Steve half way.
"So how was your da-"
Bucky cut Steve off by crashing their lips together in a sloppy kiss. Steve was shocked at first but he then kissed him back trying to show the other that he had been wanting this for a long time. The kiss became more heated as Bucky slipped his tongue in Steve's mouth and slipped his hand under the hem of his shirt. Steve couldn't think straight. But it seemed he didn't need to think his arms automatically moved around Bucky's neck and his hands tangled in his hair. To them this felt right like what they had been missing was gone, it felt like home. They kept kissing until they ran out of air and moved back panting. Bucky gave his signature smile and spoke not above a whisper, "I've wanted to do that with you for a while, ya punk." Steve kept running his fingers through the others hair, "Well then that's a mutual feeling, jerk." They just looked into each other's eyes and slowly they kissed again but it wasn't as needy. It was a kiss that told the other they were loved. They eventually pulled apart and then moved to the living room couch and cuddled up to one another and snuck plenty of quick kisses. Steve had his head on Bucky's chest and had his eyes closed as Bucky ran his fingers through Steve's soft hair. Which was lulling the blonde to sleep and before he was swept into a peaceful sleep he heard Bucky say, "I love you. You little punk," and kiss his forehead. Steve cuddled closer and mumbled sleepily, "Love you to jerk."

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