Authors Note

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Hey Cadets so it is I the now allusive writer of this story. I'm going to be honest with you guys right now I'm trying to writ more but I just started college last week and its already my second week but I'm honestly tired. I'm gonna be burnt out by the end of this semester I can already tell. I'm taking 16 credit hours as a freshman, and yeah that doesn't sound as extreme because some people take more but I have 16 normal credit hours but i have to tack on time for my private clarinet lessons with the professor where I'm going and time to practice normal band plus all my music theory stuff. Because I had to make my life worse by trying to get an AA in Biology along with a minor in Music (Preforming Arts...Band). So I already feel like I'm going to die and it hadn't even been a month. So I'm just going to tell you I will try...keyword TRY to update my head canons/short stories soon I promise. Thanks for you guys who have stuck with me. I love you guys and hopefully you'll get more from me than this authors note soon. :)

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