Look At Me, Please?!

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Author's Note: So first off hey guys! How are you? So this story has Pre!Serum Steve in it and Pre!Winter Soldier Bucky in it. So I hope you enjoy.
Steve had done it. He had done something stupid and now Bucky was yelling at him. "Why! Why would you go and do something so stupid! You jut had to get into a fight with someone twice your size!" Steve was sitting on the bathroom counter as Bucky yelled and patched him up at the same time, like he's done one to many times. Steve looked ashamed but he had a good reason and he tried to tell Bucky, "Bucky..." Bucky looked at the younger male and frowned, "No I don't want to hear why you got into a fight this time Stevie. I've heard why enough times." Steve crossed his arms over his chest and pouted like a child who didn't get what they want and looked away from Bucky. The older male sighed, " Stevie, please look at me?" Steve shook his head no and kept pouring. "Stevie please!" Bucky put a hand under Steve's face and made him look into his eyes. "Stevie you know I'm only saying this because I care and I don't like seeing you hurt like this, but you have to be a stupid punk and get into fight." Steve sighed, "I-I know Buck...it's just I can't deal with seeing people hurt or getting bullied so I want to help." Bucky laughed before retorting, "Like hell you do. That's why you're a punk." "Jerk." Bucky smiled a little and his thumb tram along Steve's bottom lip. "Promise me you won't try and get into as many fights." Steve nodded and sighed, "I promise I'll not to pick as many fights as I have..." Bucky smiled, " Well thank you." Steve looked confused,"For what?" "For promising." Then Bucky gave Steve a quick kiss and let it linger on the others lips. Steve blushed and moved his arms to around the other neck. The kiss didn't last long but it was filled with love. "Stevie even though your a little punk I love you and don't want to loose you." Steve smile, "I love you to jerk and I never want to loose you either."

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