The Proposal

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Authors Note: hey guys hope you had a great thanksgiving and that you have an awesome holiday season for December! Also the picture is a Captain America and Alexander Hamilton parallel that I'm just gonna leave here( including the song). I also fully suggest listening to the whole thing on YouTube because it is A+ material. Also I saw Moana and Doctor Strange and the are both amazing I suggest or more along the lines of imploring you to go see them if you can.
Bucky Barnes was nervous and scarred shitless about what he was about to do. He hasn't felt this scared since Steve almost died from pneumonia back in 39'. The box felt like lead in his pocket. He hoped that Steve would say yes and that this wasn't going to fast but he felt at home when he was with Steve and he wanted to feel that way until they died. And thank god that now he could get married to his best guy legally in the US, it took the government long enough. He took a deep breath, he was sweating profusely in his suite waiting for Steve to finish getting ready so they could go to the restaurant they had reservations at. Tonight was the night Bucky was going to ask Steve to marry him. And god was he scarred for the outcome, he just hoped it was a good outcome. Eventually Steve got done and they got to the restaurant in time. Once there everything went smoothly, they ate, had small talk, Bucky paid, and then they left. But instead of going home Bucky kept driving. He told Steve not to ask any questions until they got there and when they got there Steve became excited. Bucky drove them to Coney Island their favorite spot to hang back when they were kids. Once there they got out of the car, Bucky bought the tickets and they went in. They rode rides, played the side games, and ate some bad food that at their age they shouldn't even eat. Eventually Bucky pulled them over to the line for the Ferris wheel. The line wasn't to long there were just two other couples ahead of them, and there were even fewer people actually on the wheel, fewer people would watch them and intrude on their business, which relaxed Bucky. After a couple of minutes waiting it was their turn to board onto the wheel. Bucky took a deep breath and let Steve board first and he followed after. This was it for him the moment of either the beginning or the actual end of his life. Once the Ferris wheel started up again Steve grabbed Bucky's hand and smiled at him lovingly. Eventually they made it to the very top now was his chance. Bucky liked and Steve and told him to close his eyes and not open them until he was permitted to do so. Steve looked at the other man quizzically but did as he was told and closed his eyes. Bucky silently got down in his knee and pulled out the box that contained the ring and opened it. After taking a few deep breathes he told Steve that he could open his eyes. When the blonde opened his eyes there Bucky was with the ring on his knee and Steve got all teary eyed. Bucky smiled up at him and asked those words that Steve knew were coming, "Steve you know I love you and I always will. You're my end of the line. And I want that line to last for as long as it can. So will you marry me Stevie?" Steve tried not to cry but he couldn't because he was over the moon because of this, he didn't have words for a few seconds but he was finally answered with a wavering voice, "Yes I'll marry you, you jerk." Bucky smiled and slipped the ring on Steve and pulled him down to kiss him. After that the ride down was a blur but they got off and Bucky drove them home. Once back home they got ready for bed and once that was done they just laid down facing each other and cuddled and kissed until they both feel asleep with smiles in their faces. They might just stay home tomorrow and tell the other about their engagement the next day, or they might not tell them at all and see if they can notice the ring on Steve's hand. They'll talk about it in the morning but right now in this moment they were content with just being in the arms of the one they love the most.
Please read this ending note: I'm thinking about coming up with a contest and whoever wins will get to co-write a story with me. As in your name will be mentioned and I'll also help you write a story is that sounds cool, just tell me.

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