That Was Too Close (Part 1)

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Author's Note: What's up? I still don't know what to call you about cadets, or flowers, or I could just all you all little shits. How'd you feel about that? Anyways I'm kidding about calling you all little shits, but if you like either, leave a comment for the one you'd prefer. So anyways this update is going to be kind of a bridge or stepping stone for me that will eventually lead to what you have been waiting for which is a couple smut/lemon chapters so yay! Also the first little parts are mostly their inner thoughts, just so it makes since. Also I can't believe this 3.31k views and 121 stars, like what even. Also I was re watching the Captain America: The Winter Solider and during their fight scene when Bucky's metal arm would punch Steve's shield is it just me or does it sound like a bell, like it could be connected with the Liberty Bell...but that's just my opinion. What do you guys think? Anyways hope you guys like this update. :)
It started out so innocent and then just escalated so quickly that neither Bucky or Steve knew how much they needed this,but it was cut short and never finished thanks to Sam...
Bucky's POV
God...what is going on with me...why can't I stop thinking about Steve. I mean he is obviously straight so he wouldn't even like me. I just need to get over him and push those vulgar thoughts out of my brain.
Steve's POV
I can't take this anymore! God damn it! I swear if I can't stop in going to end up pushing Bucky up against the wall and...progress from there. I know it's one sided though. I mean it's always been one least I think it has. Bucky is just to hard to read!
Bucky's POV
Okay, I'm going to do it! I'm gonna kiss that punk long, hard, and good once he gets home from his morning run and then training. But I just have to go for it and not over think it. I hope this all goes well and not ruins our friendship...
3rd person POV
Steve came home from his run and training a few hours later. He looked extremely tired and sweaty not that Bucky would complain about that no sir he thought it was in fact hot. Steve gave Bucky a tired hello and said he was going to take a shower and change clothes, and asked that maybe after they could watch a movie. Bucky agreed and made up his mind that during the movie he was going to make his move. Steve was out if the shower and in a change of new clothes not less than 10 minutes later his hair still damp. He came back and say on the couch next to his friend, "So what movie do you want to watch? We've got an extensive collection thank to Tony and Clint." Bucky laughed and replied, "What haven't you seen on your list?" Steve thought for a second before he pulled out the list and looked at it, " Um, I've got two television shows, and an animated movie left to watch Supernatural, Doctor Who are the shows and Big Hero 6 is the animated movie. Which ever of those three." Bucky smiled at the thought of the animated movie, " Big Hero 6?" Steve smiled, "Some things never change you big dork." "Your glade you big doofus." Steve got up and put the movie in.
-time skip to after the movie brought to you by quick silver while saying "You didn't see that coming?"(because I'm not gonna spoil to for people who still have yet to see it)-
Bucky and Steve were still reeling from the ending and they were just looking at the credits. "I can't believe it," Steve said under his breath, "I can't fucking believe it." Bucky did a double take and replied with fake disgust laced in his baritone voice, "Language Captain! Language!" They both laughed and then looked into each other's eyes smiling. It seemed both got lost in the others eyes as they slowly leaned closer to the other as their lips met in a soft kiss.

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