That Was Too Close (Part 2)

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Authors Note: So I'm just gonna call all of you my Cadets because none of you have given your input so you are all my little Cadets now so deal with it. :) anyway this is part 2 of the story and I hope you all like it. Also because I got and iTunes gift card I bought music on my iPhone I got the soundtracks to Captain America and CA:WS. So I was looking at the song titles. They have a fricken song called End Of The Line on the CA:WS album and I'm not
O-fricken-Kay, it makes me feel sad.
; A ; Also after this I will start writing those prompts starting with the 1st one and then followed by the 4th one and then I'll decided the order of the other ones later, but that is what is coming soon just so you know.
Their kiss started out so innocent, but soon became heated. They didn't pull away until both of them couldn't breath. "Stevie," Bucky panted lightly as he put his flesh hand on the others face and ran his thumb on his pink lips, "I..." Steve looked at Bucky and then put their foreheads together and spoke, " I know Buck, I love you too." Steve kissed Bucky again harder this time, trying to tell Bucky how much he's wanted to kiss the other. Eventually Bucky was in Steve's lap pushing him down onto the couch and then kissing him again, as Steve's left hand rested on Bucky's hips and the other hand rested on the brunettes inner thigh. "Stevie..." Bucky's pupils were completely dilated, just like Steve's. "Hm? What is it Buck?" Bucky trailed his hand down the others shirt-clad chest. "You have to much on you," Bucky smirked , " I actually think we both do." He winked just for good measure. "Oh really now," Steve smirked back rubbed the hand he hand that was on Bucky's thigh up and down, "and what are we to do about that?" Bucky shivered at that it was a complete turn on if Steve couldn't tell by the tightness that showed through his pants. "How about we fix it then Stevie?" His hands went to the bottom hem of Steve's shirt and tugged it over the other head. "That's much better Stevie," the metal armed man purred, "Your so handsome Captain." Steve rolled his eyes and moved to were Steve was on top of Bucky while he wasn't paying attention. "It's your turn to get rid of some of those meaningless articles of clothes, don't you agree?" The other blushed lightly but nodded unable to speak, "Okay good, I knew you'd agree." Steve tugged shirt off Bucky, and took in the slight, "If I'm handsome then you're drop dead gorgeous Sergeant," he said in between his lips kissing down Bucky's neck. The other lost words. They somehow were now in Steve's bedroom only in their underwear. "Stevie," he panted, "I want you...inside of me." He looked straight into Steve's eyes, "Huh? A-Are you sure Buck?" The other nodded, "I haven't been so sure about anything since I got my memory back. Please?" Steve didn't know what to say so he just used actions that he did to speak louder than any of his words by kissing Bucky sweetly, "Okay, babe I can do that." He kissed Bucky again and then kissed from his lips down his neck leaving hickies all over his neck and collar bone as his hands traveled down to the waistband of his underwear, when Steve's bedroom door was thrown open. By none other that Sam, aka the Falcon. "Hey Ste...What the hell?!" He covered his eyes, "What the fuck are you doing?" Steve didn't know what to say but his face was completely red. "Ummmm...ughhhhh..." Bucky rolled his eyes and then glared at Sam, "Why are you here you interrupted something, you could have knocked you do realize that. Before entering his bedroom."
Sam huffed, "Well I did knock but no one heard me at the front door and I know where his key is and I thought he might have been sleeping but apparently not! I'm just going to go. I'll talk to you later Steve." He left and quickly as he could after shutting Steve's bedroom door.
Let's just say they never got to what Bucky wanted; Steve felt terrible but he was so embarrassed after Sam left that he couldn't continue to Bucky's disadvantage, he had to jerk himself off in a cold shower...alone. Let it also be said the Sam never came over again with out calling first and making sure he wouldn't be interrupting anything ever again.

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