Author's Note 2

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Okay my little Cadets I thought you should know that I am working on the next story was we speak but I thought I should let you know that in my sketch book I have about 27 bulleted points which are my ideas for head cannons, fluff stories and yes now that occasional smut depending on the situation that I've thought up at school and at home and I wrote down to remember. So don't worry, because you all are in good hands for a while. So that's all I wanted to say I just thought you all would like to know. 😄 So that's basically all I wanted to say and that I don't know if I'm gonna write those song fic I said I would write about in some of my earlier updates because it's kinda hard to write, in my opinion because it involves writing a story that goes with lyrics and it just more complicated and troublesome that I expected it to be more song fics. And that's everything I wanted to say I jut thought I should keep you in the know.

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